We have in the United States problematic new issues, some that are 

restaurant related believe it or not, and are posted here as a public service...  

Hepatitus, Measles, ChickenPox can be carried in food items...

We have the largest number of fast food establishments in the world, it’s a cultural thing...  We also have many unskilled and untrained workers in the food industry.  The turnover, seasonally and corporately is definitely a problem for the business owner or store corporate manager.  

Many of these workers are not trained in keeping a business sanitary, some don’t follow instructions, some should not be hired, some have language problems and some bring some really bad problems to bear.  Some may even bring Hepatitus or Measles from another place.

Think of a line cook with Hepatitus-A handling one hundred (100) plates on a busy lunch and not properly sanitizing.

ED:  I talk to owners all day long and get the same thing,  “ Good help is hard to find and I also hear from workers many places don’t pay squat”.

We have a love affair with fast, fast cars, fast food, fast lives.  We also now have the highest obesity, based on corporate food... I understand it...  

Americans are getting fatter, lazier, and judging by voting dumber... choices we are not paying attention to...  and there is a new threat, lies, untruths misconceptions and direct falsehoods about...    



The place you eat at may be problematic and currently we are looking at the local Tampa Bay Area for this month on May.  

These establishments are ones that have reported cases by the Health Department of Florida. Customers that got sick from attending these locations and have NOT been reinspected, as they complied.  But they are under watch.  Hepatitus is serious and the restaurant business is a hotbed.   The owner has no choice but to remove the person with HEPATITIS-A it or medical leave till cured. 

And the owner should get the word out to the customers if they visited the place within ten or twelve days,  when you are susceptible.

Personally,  knowing what I was told by a HEALTH OFFICIAL,  about one to two months is a good time to stay away because worker connectivity and worker familiarity ( many times just screwing around, body contact using same utensils etc,  is contact)  because of the up to two week life cycle of contagion transferable over and over to another person is common in the business and you are the end user.  ( In other words it can go back and forth).

Opinions and false information from a non-recognized source don’t count.   Do not believe third party thoughts, psychic friends, friends of moms with measles thirty years ago,  unknown nor made up friends, my friends friend told him,  second hand opinion, all don’t count.  Nor do mysterious no-it-all gurus don’t count, I trust the Health people. 

We need a certified health card for all food service workers period.



Anyone can be a false prophet when there is a mike in their hand.  The wife of a celebrated Hollywood celebrity told the world on a popular ladies talk show (the VIEW) and 28% of vaccinations fell off and a lot of kids got sick.  Her claim that Autism was caused by vaccinations, nothing was further from the truth and proven so by many medical teams, but just like dumb voters, dumb thinkers fall prey.   But her appearance’s on TV spiked a riot of stupidity NATIONWIDE. Luckily she ’s not on the air now for the safety of the children...

How did this anti-vaccination trend start. The vaccine-autism myth is one chilling example of fraudulent science. February 28,  2018,  marks the 20th anniversary of an infamous article published in the prestigious medical journal, The Lancet , in which Andrew Wakefield, a former British doctor, falsely linked the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine to autism. 

The paper eventually was retracted by the co-authors and the journal. Wakefield was de-licensed by medical authorities for his deceit and “callous disregard” for children in his care.  It took nearly two decades for the immunization rates to recover. By the end, UK families had experienced more than  12,000 cases of measles, hundreds of hospitalizations — many with serious complications — and at least three deaths.

Possibly the most famous anti-vaccine activist in the US  is Jenny McCarthy. She has a son possibly misdiagnosed with autism.   She holds a degree in Bogus Autism, its causes and treatments from  “The University of Google.”   

Jennifer Ann McCarthy, legal name Jenny Wahlberg, is an American actress, model, television host, author, screenwriter and anti-vaccine activist. She began her career in 1993 as a nude model for Playboy magazine and was later named their Playmate of the Year.  That alone certifies her to expound on medical prevention and treatment.

In the UK, we have Polly Tommey, another actress whose biggest parts seem to have been as a body double in nude scenes.  She is unapologetic in her support for swindler Andrew Wakefield and has recently moved to Texas to be at her hero’s side peddling their reality TV wares.   She, too, has a son with autism.  Her book and movie, and her have been banned in Australia. 

Aside from their out and out rejection of well conducted science, both women insist that vaccines can and do cause autism. The latest measles outbreak in South Wales attests just how damaging an idea this is for public health. 

Young children, more than most, were likely to suffer complications of this infection which include pneumonia, SSPE and death and thats what happened.

When you basically have soft minded nude women teaching you and the medical profession, the scientist and medical explorers, it time to research the source.

The only guy I trust is my Dr. who made me get a HEPATITUS-A  six months ago when the first cases showed up from restaurant workers.  He contacted me because I write about food and I come in contact with shared food with others.   He works with new residents and new nurse practitioners to the medical field from USF and is really well up on whats happening...  In my other website I talk about good doctors and bad doctors.

They compiled basic and key information you need to know about Hepatitis-A so you and your family will know how you can stay safe at work, school and when you eat out.  Thank you...

Florida does not require food workers to get tested or be vaccinated for hepatitis A. In fact, only a few cities and counties across the country require food workers to get the Hepatitis-A shot.  One St. Pete doctor, who specializes in Hepatitis cases, says these recent hepatitis A cases should be a wake-up call for Florida leaders.

“Now that we are seeing this outbreak again, we’ve brought it to the surface, and we can get these people vaccinated and prevent these things from happening,” explained Dr. Bob Wallace.   In the past, the CDC has not specifically recommended hepatitis A vaccinations for food service workers because outbreaks are rare and food workers are not at an increased risk of infection because of their jobs.

However, symptoms can take up to 15 days after the initial exposure occurs, so sometimes food handlers don’t feel ill during the peak time of infection.  The best way to prevent hepatitis A infection is to get vaccinated. The vaccine — which is recommended in two doses, six months apart — provides lifetime protection against the virus. Doctors say the shot is 95 percent effective and works within just a few days after a person receives a vaccine. 

Florida has seen 954 cases of the contagious liver disease in 2019 alone, with seven months left in the calendar year. In all of 2018, there were 549 cases and 276 cases in 2017.

Pinellas County is leading the state with the number of cases, followed by Pasco County. Hillsborough County comes in third for the most cases statewide. 

ABC Action News contacted the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation and the Florida Department of Health to see if they’ll make changes requiring vaccines and tests for food workers. Both groups tell ABC Action News it will be up to state legislators to make a change. Current laws only require Hep A vaccines for workers in hospitals, nursing homes and schools.

ED:  Like everything else in our lawyer based civil liberty society do-nothing is acceptable,  pro-active safety or for the benefit of the consumer never gets a nudge.  Better to have an outbreak and be known as the do-nothing society time after time than enforce a simple requirement for those not only serving the locals but our valued tourist Industry.  ewe have some really bad people who control our daily lives and our health.

TAMPA, Fla. – Hepatitis-A  has become a booming epidemic in Tampa Bay and we are taking action to help keep you and your family stay safe.  The Hepatitis-A epidemic has become so bad that Florida officials declared a heath advisory on the virus statewide.    

As more restaurant employees in our area get linked with cases of Hepatitis-A,  it is more important than ever to follow proper preventative measures. On top of that, it’s also vital to not fall for the various types of myths and misinformation ( common vernacular BULLSHIT) being spread online and on social media regarding the disease.   Here is the current file on Hepatitus-A  in Tampa Bay and truth.

What is Hepatitis-A?
Hepatitis-A  is a communicable disease of the liver caused by the Hepatitis-A virus, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  It is usually transmitted person-to-person through the “fecal-oral route or consumption of contaminated food or water,” according to CDC.

How does Hepatitis-A spread?
Hepatitis A spreads through the feces of those infected with the virus, according to the Florida Department of Health (DOH). If the infected person doesn’t thoroughly wash their hands after using the restroom, the traces of feces can transfer to objects, food, drinks or drugs they touch, DOH said on its website. The virus then spreads from person to person if the said contaminated food, drink, object or drugs are ingested.

DOH said the virus can also spread during close contact, like sex.
State officials say there have been over 1,200 hepatitis a cases in Florida since January 2018.  
ABC Action News’ I-Team found Pinellas County had no cases of Hepatitis A just two years ago, but the county reported more than 100 new cases last year.  Now, more than 200 new confirmed cases of Hepatitis A have been reported in Pinellas County in just the first four months of this year.


NOTE:  PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — Health bosses in Pinellas County are standing by their refusal to tell the dining public the name of every restaurant with Hepatitis-A infected workers claiming that information is protected by medical privacy rules.  ( Quote: Screw that thinking, I want to know who is sick)  “Epidemiological investigations are considered confidential,” said Pinellas County Health Department spokeswoman Maggie Hall. “We don’t identify restaurants where we do investigations.”

But the I-Team uncovered a double standard when it comes to that confidential information.  ABC Action News has learned Pinellas County Health Department officials contact all restaurant employees to tell them when they’ve been working alongside someone with Hepatitis-A, and make them get vaccinated.

But diners ( me and you) are not allowed to know that information – even if they eat at that same restaurant on a regular basis, according to the county health department.



Ulele - 1810 N Highland Avenue, Tampa - Joint investigation:  Feb. 6
McDonald's -   3470 Ulmerton Rd, Clearwater - Infectious period: Dec. 21 - 29 Joint investigation: Jan. 1
IHOP - 11350 Bloomingdale Avenue, Riverview - Joint investigation: July 2
Hamburger Mary’s - 1800 East 8th Avenue, Tampa    Joint investigation: Oct.  24
Golf Club at Cypress Creek - 1011 Cypress Village Blvd, Sun City Center - Joint investigation: Nov. 14Sandpiper Grille - 1702S Pebble Beach Blvd., Sun City Center - Joint investigation: April 3


Ferg's Sports Bar & Grill - 1320 Central Ave,  St. Pete on April 15- Joint investigation: April 18
Quaker Steak & Lube - 10400 49th St., Clearwater - Joint investigation: Aug. 31
Treasure Island Bar - 245 108 Ave., Treasure Island - Bartender - Joint investigation: Dec. 4
Hellas Bakery - Joint investigation: March 15   WHAT?
Subway - 31087 Cortez Blvd. - Joint investigation: March 2
Toasted Monkey - 6110 Gulf Blvd., St. Pete Beach - Line Cook - Joint investigation: Nov. 2
Tony’s Pizzeria - 422 Cleveland Street - Joint investigation: Nov. 29
Taco Bell - 8671 Ulmerton Rd, Largo - Joint investigation: Dec. 5
Taco Bell - 40976 N US Hwy 19, Tarpon Springs - Infectious period: April 12 - April 14
Pollo Tropical - 2140 Gulf to Bay Blvd, Clearwater - Joint investigation: March 25   JUST OPENED 4 MO AGO
Jimmy’s Fish House - 521 S Gulf view Blvd, Clearwater Beach - Joint investigation: April 2

Grill Dawg - 5419 Treadway Dr., Port Richey - Joint investigation: Feb. 14
Timber Greens County Club - 6333 Timber Greens Blvd., New Port Richey - Joint investigation: Oct. 25 
Ollies on the Beach - 6438 Clark Street, Hudson - Joint investigation: Jan. 25
Taso Italiano - 4016 Little Rd., New Port Richey - Joint investigation: Feb. 5
Cracker Barrel - 5341 US Hwy 19, New Port Richey - Joint investigation: Feb. 18
Bob Katz Bar and Grill - 12340 US Hwy 19 N, Hudson - Joint investigation: April 1

Pizza Burger N Tacos - 1409 Main St, Sarasota - Joint investigation: Dec. 2018
Spring Hill Suites of Sarasota - 1020 University Pkwy, Sarasota - Joint investigation: Jan. 11

The Grill at Silverhorn Inc. 4550 Golf Club Lane, Spring Hill Patrons may have been exposed April 12-30


Thats why we have an International Measles outbreak now spreading world wide because of rumors and lies told by some religious leaders in small sectarian communities.  These ignorant morons who never got vaccinated believed the lies and untruths they were told and spread them even further.   

It is now considered an epidemic in NYC.  False truth and ignorant opinions that were not true were believed by those short on knowledge and traditionally following ancient traditions.  Knowingly letting a child become exposed and getting sick is a crime in both a moral law by neglecting your child’s welfare and Gods eyes by morality.  All of the epidemic could have been avoided.

New York City followed through on its threat to fine people who refused to get measles vaccines on Thursday.  The city's health department issued civil summons to three people a week after issuing an emergency order requiring anyone 6 months or older who lived in four specific zip codes -- all in Brooklyn -- to get the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine within 48 hours. Each person will be on the hook for a $1,000 fine.

MORE: ‘Patient zero’ of Michigan measles outbreak thought he was immune: Doctor says he’s not and now has it and possibly spread it to many people.)

The zip codes -- 11205 in Clinton Hill, 11206 in Bushwick and 11211 and 11249 in Williamsburg -- are all in predominantly Orthodox Jewish communities.   "Since the Emergency Order took effect, the Health Department carefully investigated cases with the help of its disease detectives," the health department said in a press release. "Many of the people who were contacts of individuals with measles had proof of vaccination, however the Health Department identified three children who were exposed to the measles but still unvaccinated as of April 12."

The infection was mostly were carried by Hassidic Jews many who just returned from a pilgrimage to Israel where there is an epidemic.  The Hassidim, one part of the ultra orthodox sect of the Jewish faith one notch above my pay scale and my beliefs.  I am in the middle, I am a conservative Jew, not lunatic.  

They dress and habitat very similar to the Mennonites and Amish who also do not believe in vaccinations.  Most came originally from that part of Europe near the German - Poland border and dress as they did in the 1890’s.  No religion is above the law and the city of NY is taking proper action.  They don’t believe in vaccinations for themselves, thats ok but when they become carriers willing to infect a whole city... Thats not Kosher.

I am Jewish, my nephew is a Rabbi, and was born in Crown Heights south of, but near Williamsburg and will stay clear till measles have been eliminated when I visit my old friends.  I am embarrassed at the attitude and some of the rhetoric I have witnessed from my own people.   I did get a measles booster, hedging my bet.   I also have current HEP-A shots for my protection dealing in food services.  Traditions are one thing, God never intended for you to be sick and he gave the answers to the scientists to prevent sickness.

Anti-vaccine advocates have swayed parents in New York to refuse immunizations for their kids, sparking two of the largest measles outbreaks in the state’s recent history, according to local health officials. 

As of April 10, at least 285 people in New York City — mainly in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg and Borough Park neighborhoods — had fallen ill. In nearby Rockland County, 168 people have caught the virus. The outbreaks have prompted health officials in both areas to declare states of emergency. In the city, officials ordered mandatory immunizations among unvaccinated people on Tuesday, threatening those who opt out with fines. Nearby Rockland took the unusual step of barring anyone under the age of 18 who hadn’t been vaccinated for measles from public places for 30 days in March. 

What’s notable here is that the affected communities are closely linked: Cases are occurring mostly among unvaccinated or under-vaccinated Orthodox Jews, particularly children. When asked why people are opting out of vaccines, the New York city health department said anti-vaccine propagandists are distributing misinformation in the community.

The fear mongers include a group called PEACH — or Parents Educating and Advocating for Children’s Health — which appears to be targeting the Jewish community with misinformation about vaccine safety, citing rabbis as authorities, through a hotline and magazines. 

Brooklyn Orthodox Rabbi William Handler has also been proclaiming the well-debunked link between the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism. Parents who “placate the gods of vaccination” are engaging in “child sacrifice,” he told Vox. 

Last fall, when the outbreak started, I talked to Orthodox Jews in New York about the outbreak and their vaccine concerns. And I learned that a minority distrust vaccines — for reasons that have nothing to do with religious doctrine. Yet the fact that some Orthodox Jews live outside the mainstream, avoid technology, and hold rabbinic opinion in high esteem may leave them particularly vulnerable to anti-vaxxers.

”Being a religious Jew, you also get used to having a minority viewpoint,” said Alexander Rapaport, the CEO of the Masbia Soup Kitchen Network in Brooklyn, and a public face of the Hasidic community. “So if something is not mainstream, it doesn’t take you away from believing it.” 

He also explained that some Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn go to school together, worship together, and live and travel together. This means a few unvaccinated people living in close proximity can be dangerous. But it also means making inroads with public health messages requires extra effort. “We see government invest in public health awareness a lot,” Rapaport said. “But it never trickles down to Yiddish speakers or people who don’t own TV sets.” 

The story in New York is familiar: Other tight-knit communities — like the Somali-American community in Minnesota, the Amish in Ohio, and, more recently, Russian-language immigrants in Washington — have recently fallen victim to measles outbreaks as a result of vaccine refusal. This New York outbreak is a reminder of how vulnerable more insular groups can be to anti-vaxxers, and the unique challenges for public health advocates in countering their messages in these communities.

The epidemic now apparent in NY and spread to seven states and seven countries started in Israel. The Sioux Indians would say who is more guilty the liar or the one who repeats the liar’s lies.  The best policy in this issue after reading how bad the lies were about Measles Infections and the lies being told in NY is I only accept opinions from verifiable sources with a name attached...and on just about anything anymore…  

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