VECTOR CO.  is the company behind marketing Cutco’s products their  pitch and not the product.  Vector sells door to door by hiring sales associates and paying them commissions (High Percentage) on successful sales since motivated starving salespeople make excellent pitchmen.  But any commission-based sales program is suspect since it’s the money and not necessarily the need to solve ones dull knife problems 

It’s obvious the sales person makes a commission, the his or her sales manager makes a commission,  and guess who pays all these fine folks the additional profit.  

You, about 100% and in plain English you just paid 50 dollars extra for a 12-16-20 dollar knife.  How smart are you?   Selling high-end knives requires some understanding of products, in knives some metallurgy, honesty and making sales quotas.  In the case of CUTCO it's more sales technique and product presentation than product.

It is also based heavy on referrals almost to the point of obnoxiousness. sellout your friends and you get a five dollar paring knife...and lose a friend.

Cutco advertising is obscene, their SANTOKU the description of the knife shown left is designed for the beginner, novice, and the gullible.  Here’s their five star bullshit for a five star loser of a knife..

“The Santoku Knife has found fame on the culinary circuit and will surely be a star in your kitchen.  A versatile and beautifully balanced knife, the full hollow ground blade on the Santoku means clean slices every time”.   Celebrity chefs love this knife and so will you.   Our well-balanced, all-purpose Santoku Knives have a subtly curved straight edge for smooth slicing and dicing. Blade also drops gracefully to a sharp, functional tip.  

Note:  If you can’t see whats wrong with this knife, go back and start over.  Hints, no tang, blade edge comes back to hand, small round handle will twist in your hand, the curved blade is too little for a chopper to straight for a clever, they are the only ones that supposedly would sharpen it, I could go on for an hour.


It is nice sounding, but totally PR bullshit and less fact.  The word Santoku has Japanese historical significance meaning “Three virtues” and a good Santoku knife wears its name quite proudly, emphasizing slicing, chopping and scooping with its marvelous shape.  It was created in the Orient thousand years ago and is typical of many Oriental theories of design. 

Typically, they range in sizes from 5” to 7” in blade lengths, but smaller ones are available.  Over 300 companies make them.  The three virtues by the way are “Meat, Fish, and Vegetables”.

😡  You can get two Tramontina Santoku’s at Costco for 15.00 dollars which will perform better than what you see here.  I use them all day long for shows and commercial charity work and they are a great bargain. From Brazil is the real Tramontina.   Sam’s sells a copy from China.

😡  Used in many thousands of commercial kitchens they are a nice mix of cost and quality and at Costco they have the whole knife PRO lineup from Tramontina made for the industry.  At Costco the whole PRO line, Chefs 8”-10”, Santoku’s, Parers, and Boners, Filet were on sale, so for the price of a “Celebrity Chef Knife” from CUTCO I can outfit an entire kitchen with two chefs for the price of this one over-rated Cutco.  

😡  Think of the Cutco as a TV Ginsu or the junk Ron Popiel Special 50 knives for $39.95 on steroids with fancy handles and real slick advertising and sales training because they are not sold in stores. This is a door to door con-job operation.

😡  Cutco knives employ a patented “Double D” recessed edge. Double D most closely resembles a serrated edge and therefore shares some of the pros and cons of serrations. Like you can’t sharpen send it in to Cutco.  Like chain saws and files, they cut by abrasion not sharpness.  

😡  Cutco blades are made from 440A stainless steel.   It is not the high end of the metal scale.  Actually most cheap knives use it.   It is used in “price-point” knife sets.  Preferred knife steel is 440C, X50CrMo15, SG-2 or VG-10. Any of these are better choices than 440A for hardness, sharpness and edge retention. Several techniques may be used to harden it. From heat treating to cryogenics.  Improperly sharpen them and knife is useless.

😡  The steel is probably all from China, then stamped not forged,  but the gimmick is they profess “ German steel”.  German steel refers to steel mixed with another material like plain old carbon earth for hardness or rust resistance.  Nothing more.  So they can claim German steel.  If I had to guess I would think their steel is from used Chinese WOKS than Panzer fenders.  Think of German steel as the tires on your car.  They came with it, few cars get sold without tires.

😡  You are paying three times what they are worth. Commissions, sales managers paychecks, incentives  and profit add up to a bad buy for the consumer.  Salesperson comes to your house, they get 30-50%, as they are on commission only, their sales manager gets his or her percentage, 14% or so, plus bonuses.

😡  If you’re considering a set of Cutco knives, think twice.  Stick with Premium Wusthof, Shun, Henkel’s, Forschner by Victorinox,  For commercial use or those who do a lot of cooking, Tramontina or Dexter. Pass on the Chinese knockoffs from Calpathlon, Kitchenaide and Farberware etc. or the decorator knives with celebrity names.

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