The newer pots and pans today are both different in design, production process and materials. It's not as simple as your mothers Farberware.  Farberware is still OK and has a lot more competition, but it’s not the same company, not the same product as in yesteryear.  

I have somewhere buried in my collection two of my mothers Farberware, like a  3 qt and a 5 qt., easily from the early 50’s.  They look like new.  Six decades of service.  If you buy good, you have to buy less.  Not the case today where a high percentage of profit goes to a celebrity cook or endorser or commercials rather than quality.

TV is the lamp that attracts the moths.  Its simple,  the expression not sold in stores indicates if you held it in your hand as you saw what a cheap piece of junk it was, you would probably pass and there is another side to that.  And when they gave you two for one, the value of what you just committed to decreased by 50%.   There is no garbage on this website.  The free garlic chopper you get with the TV offer has been around in various incantations for forty years on the TV and the cost net from China is about a $1.50 regardless of color.

The other part of the scam is the “Not available in stores” because there is none of the product in the United States. The clue, “ Unless you live in a cave” is the three to four weeks delivery.  Without inventory, and un-tariffed direct sale to China keeps cost down because of no warehousing and personnel costs.  And direct from China to your door means when the last one goes out so does the lifetime warranty.

This site is just about the things you wanted to know about the tools of the trade and what works and what doesn’t.  Cooking is divided into three categories of equipment called the three "C"s.  They are Cutting, Cookware and Contraptions.  It's as simple as that.  You cut, you cook, you decorate and serve.  

And I try to discover the best around and the gear you don’t want to buy. And surprise, they will fool you, as a name marketed years ago as a leader in quality culinary supplies is the junk bond, penny-stock dealer of today.

And like everything else the cooking phenomena has been eclipsed by the Celebrity Cook syndrome, AKA "The Endorser".  If they can stuff it in a bag and put his or her name on it and it sells, they have been successful.  Just like Congress on a smaller scale.  Thats another thing I write about. 

The pseudo culinary arts tool aficionado, or for those on earth who like every gadget made and requires quite an assortment of kitchen tools and products finds when he gets into a good kitchen the skills are what make simple good cooking.   A good chef rarely brings more than his knives to the kitchen.  It’s his skills and knowledge of what he is working with, the results needed and good people to work with.

Tools, they are designed to hack, chop, blend, emulsify, whip, congeal, slice, dice, and destroy in some cases, good produce and meat.  In the following pages I will attempt hopefully with some sense of humor, and some Neosporin First Aid Creme and Band-Aids lend what directions to follow.  Pay careful attention to the growing list of the products which don't work and are garbage.

 I usually do not endorse businesses unless I specifically deal with them on an ongoing basis.  Metro Kitchen and Cutlery and More on line are used by many Chefs for their kitchen needs on line. There are others and most are good.

Locally you might have a Williams Sonoma, Crate and Barrel or Bed Bath and Beyond and these places are both in or near malls and on on-line establishments.   Williams Sonoma is a high end store and you can get some great bargains through them if you are patient and know what to look for both in their store where you can see it and hold it and on line when they run a sale.  But the brand is the critical point and there are many but for the masses, Wusthof, and Shun are my preferences in knives, Tramontina and Calphalon in cookware.  All  four are in reasonable price ranges.  I do have  few exotics but they are strickly for my enjoyment.

For the decorative table, Crate and Barrel also runs promos and I don’t think there is a finer collection of kitchen utensils and napkins, dishes, settings anywhere for the complete culinary experience and presentation.   They also have 20% coupons on the web or by mail.  Mercer Culinary has some of the best quality accessory items some of which you might didn’t know exist all in one catalog on line in PDF.

More coming…I just have to find them…most of the big box chain stores are still selling offshore with big Chef names and low end knives.



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