• 2601 Jewell Rd - Indian Rocks Rd - North of West Bay to Jewel Rd -  Behind Belleair Grocery...
  • Belleair Bluffs, FL 33770
  • Phone number (727) 518-7901
  • Business website:  www.


My former boss needed me for some consultation on a project and we met with two other gentlemen for lunch.  He had a favorite spot. We went a circuitous route from his home to a small strip mall on Jewell Rd in Belleair Bluffs.  He knew every back street. Just like anything thats rare and unique it’s not out in the open. You will be amazed at what a Jewel you’ll find in the Jewel Cafe. 

Directions are critical - It is north of West Bay Drive and Indian Rocks Rd.  Go north on Indian Rocks Rd. about 1/3 mile and look on the left for the Belleair Market.   Thats Jewell Rd!  You Found it!   Behind the market is the small Jewell Mall. It’s a cute little building.

Now I’m a breakfast nut, and a good lunch nut but after eating in many so-called niche places, this simple eatery easily finds its way to the top.  And for good reason, the way the couple does business from the kitchen to the table.  It's primo, top drawer, heres a wild word , personal and delicious. Our chef takes his work seriously.

I finally by invitation found an establishment that was NOT a corporate serving tray. This was food made by someone with a passion for home cooking and a disdain of corporate control and portioning. This was fresh on the spot food and the sandwiches we had for lunch were outstanding. Better than what I was getting at some top name places.

This is real food, Bacon that was to die for... Applewood not the skinny overcooked or burnt strips you get in many places because they were cooked six hours ago. The chicken salad was fresh and vibrant, the greens fresh also not last weeks selection I give to my free rabbits that reside on my golf course.

The bread in all the dishes comes in from a private bakery who makes it the way he wants it and I am so sick of AIR-BREAD, bread so lite you use the butter to keep it on the plate. The bread had texture and taste. All three varieties. 
I had to get to the Chef, mano un mano.The owner Chef does all the produce buying almost daily from many good sources and none from the conglomerates. 

When I asked and he told me he does the buying, I felt I had some connection with his style of cooking. I have several places I deal with and it’s because they are at the top of their game, and so are their products. 

Not Corpo-Guano cost effective plastic food.  Cost effective food is not my way of doing things.  Bacon for example can be bought on at least five levels of quality and there is an incredible difference in what you get and eat.

The place is small and accommodates about 35 people, it's very popular with the locals, no big signs, the main attraction is this is real homemade wholesome food and i look for places like this because much of what you get on the outside is processed, old , manipulated, re-created, changed, altered and homogenized. I think I made my point.

I spent a lot of time talking about the philosophy of this little place in deference to the menu. I have looked in this entire county for places like this and its tougher and tougher because of all the franchises.

Sometimes its those smaller restaurants with the key personnel being the owners, family and teams that understand whats good and want to share it with others.  

Here’s the pun you have been waiting for: “This place is a hidden gem.....”THE JEWEL CAFE and TEA ROOM

DEC 2020