600 W Bay DrLargoFL 33770-3328 

7-04-2016  Last Years Comments


“Cook good food and they will come”.   Like I said in 2014,  you could drive past this place a hundred times and miss it, usually when they are cranked for business, your nose will find the way first.  That how I found them the first time and have eaten, mostly takeout from them for a long time.  

Just go to downtown LARGO  (600 Block) on West Bay Drive accessible from the North via Missouri Blvd, and from the South via Seminole Blvd.   

Or just look for smoke, where theres smoke there’s ribs, good ribs, slab ribs no precooked, no frozen, the beef and pork the way the animals designed it. They cook it the way it was intended to be cooked. 

And you can see the cookers along the side of the building, huge cookers real cookers the way slow cooked pork and beef should be cooked.  And if you don’t see big cookers many restaurants offer ribs and such direct from the supplier to the freezer to you, some half cooked, and heated by microwave or on the Salamander or Convection oven.  Frankly this is the real deal.

For parties and office occasions we used them as caterers on the takeout side because the plant breaks for lunch at the same time and you couldn’t fit the crew in the small seating area so for lunch we get a take out and when ten out of ten are happy we want to declare it a national holiday. 

Usually with ten you get fifteen opinions.  Four years later, same ten takeouts , fifteen opinions but cleanup was easy, collect the empty paper plates wiped clean and toss.

They have also catered some corporate events for us and others and they were top notch and deserved a five. Pork and Ribs are both items that have a short threshold on five star status.    Just the nature of the beast (no pun intended). They’ll dry in a minute... so timing is critical.  Leave it to Cory’s crew.

And no party too big,  every May Cory has provided luncheon for 1500 employees of the Largo Medical Center, the P.O.D. s company, Magic Tilt Trailers factory and Walker Ford to name a few.

I watched them loading sides on a huge cooker about the size of my car and you literally need a ladder to get to.  We have had just about everything they make and it was all good, reasonable for the area since the stuff they are serving isn’t flash frozen right from the plant par-cooked fast food you get else where...  I love ribs and these guys are consistent,  keeping things simple and taking the work out of cooking ribs especially if you have a crowd over like July 4th.  

Thats the problem living in a condo, rules, no gas or wood fires of any kind allowed and ribs on an electric grill don’t cut it.   This year we got take out pounds of pulled pork, chopped with sauce, absolutely no work other than plate it and we added fresh corn , potato salad, cold brew, some other sides and paper plates.  Loved it, no work. One trash bag.

It’s a business you have to spot on, watch temperatures and time, there are always  variables occur and any one can have a bad day working with fire... As a writer of food and the culinary arts I have eaten there for a long time and my recollection is positive based.  They do a good authentic job and have a great sauce, I know I tried to copy it.  It’s momma’s sauce  and I’ll get the secret out of Cory the owner but more important is Cory broke some news to me.  They are moving. Oh no !

 The City of Largo is rebuilding the downtown area where the Smoking Rib Shack is located and basically flattening two city blocks for modernization.  I give credit to the Largo City Commission, they don’t talk the talk, they walk the walk and I have witnessed the city upgrading, developing,  bringing in business, modern parks for skateboarders, huge exercise facilities, runner and biker services, new medical facilities and recreation, more palm trees, plantings and lots of repaved roads.  A very progressive city thats takes action.  And it made available a newer facility just two blocks away.  About 100 yards.

Cory, the owner told me while I was picking up for the 4th, The Smoking Rib Shack could be moving but only two blocks East on West Bay drive closer to the Missouri, Seminole intersection and will feature in it’s new location a bigger more modern dine-in area, much bigger, Beer and Wine service and the same kind of food they have served for years and some new items.  

The new facility is open and at the new address might be  426 West Bay Drive, just two small blocks east of their old location in a small strip mall.   Best wishes great fresh food....

This is the old flattened building for memory’s......

Inspection Number  2878034
Date   July 5, 2019   35 Total Violations

Call Back - Extension given, pending
(Follow-up Inspection Required)

Inspector’s Note - New Location and Building

Basic - Accumulation of dead or trapped birds, insects, rodents, or other pests, in control devices. Approximately 30 flies on sticky trap near ice machine. **Warning**
Basic - Bathroom located inside establishment not completely enclosed with tight-fitting, self-closing doors. **Warning**
Basic - Ceiling not smooth, nonabsorbent and easily cleanable in food preparation, food storage, warewashing areas or bathroom. Wall not smooth, nonabsorbent and easily cleanable in food preparation, food storage, warewashing areas or bathroom. Floors not maintained smooth and durable. **Warning**
Basic - Clean glasses, cups, bowls, plates, pots and pans not stored inverted or in a protected manner. Single service **Warning**
Basic - Cove molding at floor/wall juncture broken/missing. **Warning**
Basic - Current Hotel and Restaurant license not displayed. 2019 license up. **Warning**
Basic - Cutting board has cut marks and is no longer cleanable. **Warning**
Basic - Employee beverage container in a food preparation/clean dishware area does not have a lid and a straw or equivalent dispensing mechanism to prevent hand contact with lip contact area of drink container. Bottled water in freezer opened. **Warning**
Basic - Employee beverage container on a food preparation table or over/next to clean equipment/utensils. Opened employee beverage on shelf with single service. **Warning**
Basic - Employee personal items stored in or above a food preparation area. Car keys stored on prep table in back area. Phone in service area. **Warning**
Basic - Employee personal items stored with or above food, clean equipment and utensils, or single-service items. Jacket on shelf with single service. **Warning**
Basic - Equipment in poor repair. Reach in cooler bottom cover missing, exposed motor, torn gasket, **Warning**
Basic - Food stored on floor. Sauce bin. **Warning**
Basic - Hole in ceiling. Kitchen area. **Warning**
Basic - In-use utensil in non potentially hazardous (non-time/temperature control for safety) food not stored with handle above top of food within a closed container. Handle of scoop in sauce **Warning**
Basic - Opened employee beverage container in a cold holding unit with food to be served to customers. Open beverage on top shelf in reach in cooler in back area. Bottle of water in reach in freezer. **Warning**
Basic - Reuse of single-use articles. Hot sauce jugs reused observed no easily cleanable. **Warning**
Basic - Sauce scoop handle in contact with sauce. **Warning**
Basic - Single-service articles not stored inverted or protected from contamination. In kitchen on top of warmer. **Warning**
Basic - Soiled dry wiping cloth in use. Service window **Warning**
Basic - Working containers of food removed from original container not identified by common name. Squeeze bottles on counter and in kitchen. **Warning**
High Priority - Live, small flying insects in kitchen, food preparation area, or food storage area. 2 flies insects observed in prep areas. **Warning**
High Priority - Pesticide-emitting strip present in food prep area. Dichlorvos editing pest strip near ice tea and soda. **Warning**
High Priority - Potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food cooked/heated yesterday/on a previous day not cooled from 135 degrees Fahrenheit to 41 degrees Fahrenheit within a total of 6 hours. Food has been cooling overnight. See stop sale. Greens cooked 6/30/19 around 9pm temped 56 ° at 2:30pm on 7/1/2019. **Warning**
High Priority - Potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food hot held at less than 135 degrees Fahrenheit or above. Pork 111,128 f° reheated in oven **Corrective Action Taken** **Warning**
High Priority - Potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food prepared from/mixed with ingredient(s) at ambient temperature not cooled to 41 degrees Fahrenheit within 4 hours. Beef cooked and cooled on 6/30/19 was pulled apart at 9am on 7/1/19 and temped 56 ° at 2:30pm on 7/1/19. **Warning**
High Priority - Raw animal food not properly separated from ready-to-eat food. Raw shell eggs with shredded cheese. **Warning**
High Priority - Stop Sale issued on potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food due to temperature abuse. Beef cooked and cooled on 6/30/19 was pulled apart at 9am on 7/1/19 and temped 56 ° at 2:30pm on 7/1/19. Greens cooked 6/30/19 around 9pm temped 56 ° at 2:30pm on 7/1/2019. **Warning**
Intermediate - Accumulation of food debris/grease on food-contact surface. Can opener, interior of cooler at bar, **Warning**
Intermediate - Handwash sink not accessible for employee use due to being blocked by garbage can. **Corrected On-Site** **Warning**
Intermediate - Handwash sink not accessible for employee use due to items stored in the sink. Spoon stored in handwash sink in kitchen. Operator removed. **Corrected On-Site** **Warning**Intermediate - Hot water not provided/shut off at employee handwash sink. At cook line. **Warning**
Intermediate - Ice chute on self-service drink machine soiled/build up of mold-like substance/slime. **Warning** 
Intermediate - No proof of required state approved employee training provided for employee hired more than 60 days ago. To order approved program food safety material, call DBPR contracted provider: Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association (SafeStaff) 866-372-7233. **Warning**
Intermediate - Spray bottle containing toxic substance not labeled. Under front counter. **Warning**


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