Unique situations sometimes work out just fine. My friend from Atlanta was heading for the Keys and decided to stop in LARGO, borrow some gear, continue on after having dinner with me.  

To my surprise he was not traveling alone. He had Chippy with him, the family Yorkie, all of sixteen years and five pounds of him. This presented a dinner problem.   

My Solution: Find a place with an outdoor patio and fans.  It was getting late, and places were closing, finally we spotted AQUA PRIME, it was open, it had a patio with blowers and the three of us were greeted and welcomed in by a very friendly server, Jessica S.  Cute as a button, smiles and enthusiastic.   She brought the customary water with lemon and surprise a blue pooch dish with water for the pup on her own initiative. That ballooned the service score to a five, Chippy agreed and put his paw print on it.

What great fortune as the location was clean and nicely maintained, valet parking, the food was excellent, the house primer, a welcome dish (like chips and salsa)  was unique, Hummus and delicious warm from the oven pita bread triangles, nicely done and I added a touch of Sirachi to the hummus as a kicker.   They had a really nice craft and beer selection, and I chose Stella Artois in very nice generous glasses and we ordered the Blackened Grouper, (a 5) with grilled Veggies (a 5) and Rice with a Mango sauce side for the rice (a 5).   

My partner noted that everything was perfect, grouper a favorite Florida fish is one of those things you learn how to cook.  It can go from good to bad in seconds.  And I have written and witnessed incidents whether it was grouper or not. This was blackened, done perfectly and not pepper hot, a good balance of heat and flavor. Some places if that was grouper, I’m Mother Teresa.

Best beach food I have had in a long time. This was a tough week at other places, many disappointments, where the food was terrible. This was a pleasant stop for the palate and the mind as you felt very comfortable there. Spent an hour and a half, maybe two before he had to hit the road.  It was worth the drive. Can’t say enough about the food, the service, and all the service people even shutting down were friendly and courteous.

Jessica checked on everything, almost caught me literally licking the plate and Johnny Morales the manager came over to say hello, and check on things. It seems they just took over, the emphasis is on great food, quality and service and they get a five on all counts.   For a new team and a new menu coming up, they are off to a good start.

THE FINALE:  Once again Jessica twisted our arms and we split  a Coconut white cake with creme and Raspberry drip.  That sealed the deal folks, the finishing touch...great place, and I’m impressed which hasn’t happened that often lately. This is new management  and a new team but off to a very good start.

ERRATA:  The new menu is almost complete and I will post some of the new dishes with full pictures shortly. I went back last night to retrieve a lost object which they held for us and we ate there again.  Consistent and my lady friend loved the place.  I’m going again and photos will be present shortly.   

The service was great, Ben took care of us, this time and the attention to customers needs is high on their list.  The back outdoor patio has live music, the atmosphere friendly, foods great, what else does one need.
They have a wonderful website and menu at:

Apr 4, 2019, 12:00 PM

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