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Smashburger is an innovative restaurant concept that is redefining its category by providing a burger experience that combines the superior product, service and atmosphere associated with sit-down casual dining and the speed and convenience associated with quick-service restaurants. 

With its handcrafted menu items ranging from smashed-to-order burgers, hand spun Haagen-Dazs milkshakes, chicken sandwiches, salads, and sides made with fresh, premium ingredients and served in less than six minutes, Smashburger is putting the burger back at the center of the consumer dining experience. 

As the fastest restaurant company to reach the 100-unit milestone, Smashburger is well on its way to becoming a leading international brand.

We want to be the best burger restaurant for the next generation of burger lovers. Delivering this requires everything the Smashburger brand stands for: the highest quality ingredients; an exceptional “smashing” culinary technique; modern, inspired curated recipes; and menu variety that satisfies virtually all occasions and situations.

From our fresh, never frozen beef that’s smashed, seasoned, and seared on the grill to our butter-toasted artisan buns and quality cheeses, toppings, and sauces, the delicious taste of a Smashburger defines what a great burger should be… and you are one bite away from believing!

Add our variety of chicken, turkey, or black bean entrées, salads, signature sides, hand-spun shakes made with Häagen-Dazs® ice cream, and our convenient service and restaurant-quality presentations, we are confident Smashburger will be the burger restaurant of the future.   They are very competitive using comparisons, on the most popular ranked number one IN-and-OUT on the West Coast

Fresh avocado
Smoked bacon
Ranch dressing
and mayo on a multi-grain bun.

Due to negative feedback from students, Smashburger will be removed and Hofstra USA (HofUSA) will return to the north side of campus this fall.  

“As much as I love Smashburger, I liked Hofstra USA a lot more because there was so much variety. I feel like I come here so often I keep getting the same thing over and over again,” said Harrison Grubb, a junior journalism major.

In addition to the eatery’s location, students also praise the late hours that Smashburger is open. A junior business major said, “I work from 12-4 a.m. and Smashburger is the only thing open when I need to eat.” And she believes that the problem with Smashburger is the limited menu.

“What we’ve heard over the last semester and what we’ve seen is overwhelming student feedback that they miss the varied menu,”  “It’s the one late night option that we have … and that is the challenge with a franchise. A lot of people really enjoy franchises, but you have to realize that you have to go with their menu.”

Since the opening in September, there has been a gradual decline in patronage. It was explained that Compass Group and Hofstra utilize student feedback to determine what changes need to be made on campus. “  The old HofUSA menu had many diner-style food options that students favored. Although many students were excited for Smashburger to open, students miss the original HofUSA.

The news was announced to students during a Student Government Association (SGA) meeting earlier this month. Campus Dining and Compass Group work closely with members of SGA and Student Affairs to ensure that the needs and desires of students are met.  ( It’s called Democracy)

A junior public policy and global studies major and the vice president of SGA, feels that it is important for students to voice their opinions. Students with an opinion on the future of HofUSA should come to our senate meetings, use the Dine On Campus App to voice concerns or suggestions

“I think they truly want to establish food vendors on campus that hold options for every student. A huge part of feeling at home on campus is feeling comfortable finding food on campus.”   GOOD POINT

Smashburger occupies that slightly weird space in restaurants called “ Fast casual”  Sort of upscale burger-land with higher prices due to better (more expensive ingredients, is the claim) 

I can get coffee at Burger King or Mcdonalds for a dollar a cup and pay Starbucks three dollars for the same thing.  Frankly I hate Starbucks coffee.  I make a pot in the AM of my favorite Hazelnut and creamer, they way I like it and drag it with me in a super efficient and reasonably priced thermo and it’s hot all day.

You order at a counter, for example, but the food is brought to you.  Just as with Culver’s.  Food is served on trays lined with wax paper, but the tables are bused for you at the end of your meal. Very, very similar to the Culver’s concept. Since they opened Culver’s and Five guys, they are my go to burger places.   


Nothing new... The “ smash" in Smashburger is, simply, a cooking technique. The ground beef is smashed, while still cold, against a 400-degree buttered griddle in order to create a crust on the patty and to seal in its juices, according to the company’s website.   Nice try Culvers ( I believe the first) and now Steak and Shake are bragging about buttered Burgers. 

Point One - Most of the competition serves the burger with two patties, which cook as fast as one. If you had a larger combined patty it would take longer.  Time is money in this fast food business.  Beancounters invented the stopwatch.

Point Two - With two patties less chance of any kind of food borne illness, as the patty reaches 165 degrees almost instantly.  The buttered grill keeps it from drying out and burning.

Smashing your burger increases the Maillard reaction — also known as the browning reaction — to create a deep brown crust as well as the savory flavors and appetizing aromas that come with it.  Culvers and Steak and Shake are going this route.


•  Ordering at Smashburger is a bit complicated. Everything comes in sizes and there are a wide variety of sides. You can build your own burgers from your bun with any concoctions they offer.

•   The fries are the skinny french fries (AKA Steak and Shake skinny) which I hate. Shoestring potatoes, with peels intact and maximum crispness. One offer tossed in olive oil, rosemary and garlic. ( Different, nice)

•   Buffalo fries, which are tossed with a dry Frank’s Hot Sauce seasoning, much too salty and for a lot of folks too hot.

•   Truffle Mushroom Swiss Burger which boasts Sautéed Cremini Mushrooms  (Another WOW Batman Holy Cremini) Note and Corpo-Guano) The Cremini mushroom, is a moderately mature version of the White Button mushroom, which is probably the most common around on the planet.  ( When was the last time you paid three and half dollars for a mushroom?)

•   Truffle-Mayo Sauce.  It really delivered flavor but it was almost too rich. Buttery mushrooms, creamy truffle sauce, cheese and beef deliver an earthy, musty, heavy mouthful that really needed some freshness. Even a bit of lettuce could have balanced this bite.

•   Go for the Classic Smashburger ($5.99) and it was my hands-down favorite. It’s an all-American combination of American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, ketchup and a signature sauce.  About 1.50 more than the cheap places.

•   The  Smashsauce is a mayonnaise-based concoction brightened with mustard and pickle juice.