The first problem I have with fast food is deciding.  You walk in and immediately are swamped by this stock market size board of combinations of the same basic food items and a mass of visual communication which most of the time makes no sense.  

And someone in front of you and someone behind you most likely is in the same mental state of affairs.  I came to eat, not to process signage and I forgot to bring my wee-gee board to assist in selection.

The second problem is the order taker.  I realize this job is not that attractive as a career move, and training leaves a lot to be desired.  But yesterday  I had to explain my simple order three times before she got it right, I think. I simply asked for a MEAL, plus one extra sandwich.  My girls cat could have done a better job, Abigail is a smart cat.  And smart enough to eat Blue only and no peoples food.

Too much handling of the food without gloves, too much ignorant chatter behind the counter.  Typical... We were not impressed in ten stores, as a people rating forget it... from the top down.



A Burger King ad designed to trigger Google’s voice-activated Home smart speaker and have the device advertise the Whopper no longer works.  The ad, released Wednesday, features an actor dressed as a Burger King employee, who says, “Okay, Google: What is the Whopper burger?” 

The line is meant to trigger the device to reel off the definition of a Whopper using the first line of the burger's Wikipedia page. Yes, the Whopper has its own Wikipedia page.

Burger King developed a national ad campaign that could trigger guests who have enabled voice commands on their smart speaker technology.  Burger King later stopped the ad.

Roughly three hours after the ad launched, the ad stopped working. Google's Home would only light up in response to the commercial's prompt and stay mum although it will give you the first line of the Wikipedia article if you explicitly request the definition of a “Whopper burger).

The fast-food company confirmed that the ad no longer triggers the speaker, but it said it would still air the ad — and indicated that the ad may start working again. “You’ll have to tune in tonight to see if the commercial triggers the Whopper sandwich definition response,” said Burger King spokesman Brooke Scher Mogan.

Brooke Mogan, aka Schmuckmeister, said Burger King saw the ad as an opportunity to “do something exciting with the emerging technology of intelligent personal assistant devices.”

Hopefully that friggen idiot will get fired or at least thrown in the oven and well done. What do they smoke there? they got the worst burgers in town, fix the meat and then rebuild your filthy looking restaurants.

We, my team have noticed Burger Kings burgers in the Whopper have gotten a tad smaller (?).  They came out with, a stroke of genius or maybe the genius had a stroke and he woke up. a smaller burger which is the same whopper on a smaller bun and i think the origional bread sandwich with the 5 inch bun, no extra meat just bigger bread will go away.

It’s a bread sandwich now.



CLEARWATER, FLORIDAThe original home of the Whopper was the home for some uninvited rodents a few days ago.   We're uncovering the Burger King at 23904 U.S. 19 North in Clearwater as it was temporarily shut down on June 18 after inspectors found evidence of live rodent activity.  State inspectors documented gnaw marks on hamburger buns from rodents beneath the front counter.  And they found rodent droppings beneath the storage shelf, sink and front counter.  

That explains why there were no roaches, the rats ate them.

Food temperatures were also an issue with liquid eggs on the counter at 56 degrees and butter packets too warm in the reach-in cooler.  Inspectors also discovered food stored on floor, including soft-serve ice cream mix in the walk-in cooler.

Other violations documented? Build-up of grease on the cooks line equipment, kitchen floor and under cooking equipment.  Ceiling tiles and vents soiled with accumulated food debris, grease and dust.   Holes in the ceiling at the center of cook line, where pipes lead into ceiling and other damage on the wall by the napkin holder near the drive-thru.

Janice Mathews, vice president of administrative operations, is disputing the information we received from the state and said the Burger King location wasn't closed.   Seems the KING is in denial. Screw the KING.


His name was Daniel Schwartz. He learned to make a Whopper in less than 35 seconds and blended in well with his fellow employees, except for the fact that Schwartz had a guy with a video camera trailing him. “I cleaned about 15 toilets in the past two days,” he boasted at one point, as if he’d just completed a marathon.  

Schwartz was justifiably pumped. That June he’d been named Burger King’s chief executive officer, with a $700,000 annual salary and a potential cash bonus of twice that. There was another reason for Schwartz to be exuberant: He was only 32 and well on his way to becoming a star in the fast-food industry.

Making sure the fixtures in Burger King’s restrooms gleam is only one of Schwartz’s challenges. He’s Burger King’s 21st CEO since the company was founded in 1954. 

The chain has had six owners and suffered from years of neglect and strategic incoherence. Unlike his predecessors, Schwartz isn’t just competing with McDonald’s and Wendy’s. He has to keep customers from straying to trendy newcomers such as Chipotle Mexican Grill and Panera Bread. Their sales in the U.S. last year grew 17 percent and 12 percent, respectively, according to Technomic, a food industry consultant. Sales were essentially flat for Burger King and its two primary rivals.

Small bites of big flavor.  Very small.  Made with white meat, our bite-sized Chicken Nuggets are tender and juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Coated in a homestyle seasoned breading, they are perfect for dipping in any of our delicious dipping sauces.

NOTE:  White meat does not mean you are getting breast meat. You are getting ground anything that looks white after the poor chicken was ripped apart by machine and then the “Chicken Turdsare glued together and molded into shape.

 Not really McTurds are basically the same thing.