And We Have To Start Thinking Differently As To How We Eat, Where We Eat, And What We Eat Because It Will All Be Different And Supply Chains, Many Products, Canned Goods In Short Demand, Migrant Worker Shortages, Contamination And No Federal Support from A Corrupted Lying NarcissisticXenophobic, Ignorant  Misanthropic  President and His Sycophants and Acolytes,  So Full Of Excrement They Caused A Continental Toilet Paper Shortage…

Misanthropy is the general hatred, dislike, distrust or contempt of the human species or human nature… Narcissistic Personality Disorder is found more commonly in men. The cause is unknown but likely involves a combination of genetic and environmental factors.  Symptoms include an excessive need for admiration, disregard for others’ feelings, an inability to handle any criticism, and a sense of entitlement.

Xenophobia from Ancient Greek:  meaning “stranger" or "foreigner", meaning "fear" is the fear or hatred of that which is perceived to be foreign or strange.



Whats Wrong?
We have in the United States problematic new issues, some that are restaurant related believe it or not, and are posted here as a public service...  Hepatitus, Measles, and ChickenPox can be carried in food items…  All are preventable by vaccines.  Unless someone who knows nothing about immunology tells you otherwise.   There is however no Vaccine for Stupidity… and conspiratorialists love selling lies and misdirection and telling you vaccines are bad…  

With COVID-19 and no vaccines 200,000 will die, simple… be stupid and listen to crackheads and politicians and not the scientists, in addition , some of our food services even before COVID-19 were not up to snuff or safe. So shortage sand contamination are on the upswing.

10 Good Rules Of COVID-19 Survival and Bar Food…

1 - Avoid buffets period.   But especially where people you don’t know are handling food and many of the patrons like to stir and check every piece in the tray and sometimes handle it.  Thats the way things were done in Pan-Asian far east countries. There’s a huge potential for illness there, especially when those foods aren’t kept at the proper temperature.  Aside from improperly cooked or stored foods — which can be a danger anywhere, not just at buffets — the other big danger is cross-contamination.  

1A  — And what we call  “MARRYING” which is mixing trays of food open and exposed and handled by many people now with new food in the same tray.    Same as open air markets, just think COVID-19 and Hunan…  China has just shut all open-air markets with live food. 

1B —  I’m not picking on specifics but when six out of seven Asian based restaurant buffets in Tampa Bay are dirty, or do not pass inspection month after month, and some foods are days old on the buffet…time to leave.  I do not eat in any buffets here in Tampa Bay.  Worse they do not police themselves. They get away with whatever they can.  

2 -   Cross-contamination can also happen anywhere, but buffets have more potential hazards. With all customers serving themselves, there's a huge chance for the transfer of germs on serving utensils. And it isn't hard for someone to use one serving spoon for multiple dishes. This is bad; please don’t do it. 

3 -  When it comes to dangerous or critical temperature foods like seafood, you might want to consider giving some of the seafood (particularly raw things like oysters and sushi) a miss for the time being as they require hands on handling. And if you follow international organization ( On our list) you will see just how contaminated seafood really can be throughout the world.

4 -  Long sleeves making contact with the food or serving line is bad, and that’s not even mentioning people who might pick up a dinner roll, change their mind and put it back.  

5 -  Look out for servers coughing or sneezing into their elbow and then bringing you you plate in the crook of your arm.  Refuse the dish! 

6 -  So to keep yourself safe, look for telltale danger signs like spoon handles touching food, other customers returning with dirty plates, and dishes that don’t have their own individual serving spoon or set of tongs. Avoid those things, and maybe let an employee know what’s going on.

7 -  Since you’re already thinking about buffet safety, let’s touch on the sneeze guard.  The invention of the sneeze guard came about solely because the inventor couldn’t stand the thought of anyone sneezing or breathing their germs on food that other people were going to eat, and he succeeded in revolutionizing food safety.  only when they are installed properly

8 -  If you’re trying to eat healthy and pay more attention to what goes from the kitchen to the plate to your fork, visiting the expansive temptation of a buffet might seem like a daunting challenge. But here are some ways to avoid some of the biggest buffet pitfalls and (maybe) some of the buffet sickness.

9 -  Check your plates and utensils for cleanliness. If it is a Chinese style buffet, learn to use chopsticks and then throw them away.

10 -  Never ever use a plate twice…

The Bar Scene  — TV — Bar Rescue Starring Jon Taffer
It appears that during our exposure to COVID-19, Bars and Restaurants not following guidelines are an incredible source for contagion.  If for nothing, flipping channels, I occasionally come across a TV show called Bar Rescue and if for no reason at all to see how really destructive, stupid,  ill managed and dangerous Bars can be.  

Each week the host Jon Taffer goes in and rescues a bar by changing bad ideas the owners have, and ignored, horribly bad kitchens, poorly maintained customer AC ventilation, kitchen overhead venting of the hot areas, cooking surfaces and cutting surfaces, ice and chiller storage,  cooking pans and stock pots, untrained mixologists, pole dirty dancing, One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest employees, molded, stale, old, freezer burned dirty, dangerous food and absolutely the filthiest kitchens and behind the bar you have ever seen.  And that was on a good day

Now lets add some drunken frickin idiots, COVID-19 and the T-RUMP pet Stupid Governor of Florida who considers Bars and Restaurants essential businesses to be open.  That was till he claimed Gun stores and Championship Wrestling the open WWE Essentials and where did we find this frickin moron?  In the midst of a Black Lives Matter revolution in major cities, this idiot of all the idiots opens gun stores.  

No food on the table but we have an AR-15 to defend ourselves with…and I hope and pray when T-RUMP gets a dump, this schmuck goes with him… One term President, One term Governor…but we will still have two years with him and I intend to make them miserable for him.  He lies and he is a clone of T-RUMP, he has failed miserably in all of his challenges…

Back to dirty bars, Taffer has a realty show and kinda of redundant with lots of screaming and yelling and lots of money under the table.  The show stays the same, almost predictable but when you see how filthy a wet spillable, low-class operation called a bar when run wrong, it will bring up a gag reflex.  It’s basically a made for TV realty show and makes disgusting a common word to describe many bars… Only the dirt, grime, neglect, poor management change each week…the script stays the same…

Ian Jurica Wrote: 
After the rebuild the owners are free to do whatever they want with the bar after the Bar Rescue crew leaves - just look at the infamous Pirate Tavern episode. I don’t know the specifics behind the scenes but the bar gets a free facelift and SpikeTV gets a place to film their show for the week. 

What *is* fake, aside from the drama, is a lot of the financial background and the formulaic methods Jon uses for the makeovers. For the finances, they roll the mortgage into the total debt, so when Jon freaks out over a bar being a million dollars in the hole, ‘only’ 50k of that might be actual ‘debt’, while the rest is a $950,000 mortgage, which now that the market is recovering from the recession, isn’t really that bad for a business, especially in some of the neighborhoods he goes to. Granted, a lot of these places are simply doing so poorly that nothing short of a massive cash injection will save them.

Another thing that’s fake (in my opinion) is his ‘market analysis’ that goes into setting the theme for the makeover. I’ll use two examples from my area. The first is his makeover of “The Hooch” in Dearborn Heights. I went there a couple times when a personal friend was DJing, and trust me, the ‘antics’ you saw on the show were Saturday-morning cartoons compared to what would go on there. 

Anyways, Jon’s brilliant idea was something along the lines of “This is Detroit! You’ve got more engineers here than anywhere in the world! Let’s make this…A GARAGE-THEMED BAR!” So they nailed a couple car parts to the walls and renamed it The Proving Ground. 

Well, there was a small flaw in Jon’s thinking: Most engineers, who are disgustingly well-paid, are not going to drive from their gated communities in Oakland County up to an hour and a half away, drive past literally hundreds of bars and restaurants that don’t completely suck, and go to a bar in a neighborhood where you’re not exactly rubbing elbows with white-collar upper-middle-class professionals. Needless to say, the place no longer exists

Another example of poor ‘research’ is his makeover of “The Arena” in Ann Arbor. This was your stereotypical dive bar that got the classic, formulaic Taffer treatment. The problem is that this is Ann Arbor; if you think a signature cocktail and burger are your key to success, you’re going to need a time machine to the 1980’S 

We had microbrews and ‘mixology’ back when most Americans thought Heineken was a bit too fancy. So whereas in some towns this might be your Golden Ticket to success, he made “The Arena” indistinguishable from the dozens of other slightly hipster Modern American bar/restaurants that exist within a ten minute walk.   Another cardinal sin is that he removed their draft selection of Michigan craft beer, which is akin to telling a restaurant in Maine that they can’t serve lobster.

I’m sure Jon Taffer is a brilliant businessman and marketer; he’d have to be to get his own show, but for the purposes of “Bar Rescue”, he does little more than “plug and chug” into his standard formula.

Regardless, The Show Is Reality TV, Like Our Government, Scripted Lies…
But the dirt and grunge and personal drama are almost real…Failure is failure and he exposes those shortcomings…Even if we can’t go out to bars right now, at least we can vicariously experience them through Bar Rescue, a reality TV show that follows host Jon Taffer as the entrepreneur travels the country and transforms dingy, failing bars into upscale destinations. It's basically Kitchen Nightmares but for bars only.  While its super entertaining (albeit a little stressful for some ) to watch, fans have wondered if Bar Rescue is scripted. 

Since the show's premiere in 2011, viewers debated whether the show's producers and editors have spiced things up a bit for entertainment value. If you've been watching Bar Rescue all these years, then you'll probably know Jon meets some pretty out-there folks who have major issues — not only with their bars, but their personnel, person lives, and more. Even Jon himself is portrayed as a blunt, no sh*ts given kind of guy who isn't afraid of confronting anyone. This sometimes results in fights and heated arguments. 

It's true that most reality TV shows offer guidance (if not very, very heavy guidance) when filming. Editors will cut the boring parts and emphasize on exciting moments, even though they may be out of context. In the case of Bar Rescue, it’s definitely possible some of the show is even scripted. 

In 2014, a guest on the show says he was told to flirt with Jon's wife and then was physically attacked by Jon. According to Deadline, the guest sustained injuries that he had to go to the hospital for, and he ended up filing a lawsuit against the production company.

Another example is the 2016 episode that features Nina Wyatt's Schafer's Bar and Grill. She claimed that she was fed lines that didn't exactly align with the true story. The new owner of the bar, Ryan Burks stated, "During my first interview I was asked how much money we are losing each month. My exact words to the producer were, 'What would you like me to say?' Producer's response: 'For our story you are losing $10,000 a month and losing your house and closing down next month.' All of which isn't true." 

The owner of Piratz Tavern also said, "It was basically coerced and staged to be an opening act for a re-rescue. I was told to bring in several changes of clothes to make it appear that filming covered several days. As usual they brought in a bunch of extras to fill the house and we were told what to say and with whom to speak."

Even a redditor who claimed they were familiar with one of the bars featured on the show wrote, “ ..having known a bar that went through the show process, it is largely fake in the sense, the bar and the surroundings are largely not what the show portrays them as. “ There have also been several blog posts that have described their accounts, stating Bar Rescue's portrayal is totally inaccurate and at times, fabricated. 

Clearwater POLICE Area Task Force On Human Trafficking - Great Job

The restaurant trade is notorious for cost cutting but when it involves degradation of life, I declare war. Human trafficking is the exploitation by force, fraud or coercion of vulnerable people - often immigrants - for forced labor, domestic servitude, or commercial sex operations. Human trafficking has become a multi-billion dollar global crime impacting nations - and neighborhoods - around the world. 

Florida is one of the highest destination states for women and children trafficked into the United States. In the past 5 years, law enforcement and social service providers have identified multiple cases of human trafficking in the Tampa Bay, Florida area.

As far back as October 2006, the Clearwater Florida Police Department was awarded a Department of Justice grant to fund the creation of the Clearwater Area Task Force on Human Trafficking (CATFHT). The mission of the task force is to identify and rescue victims, create a coordinated law enforcement system to investigate and prosecute these crimes, and to deliver social, legal and immigration services to human trafficking victims in the Tampa Bay area. The three below were charged, one went to jail, probation, and fined and are now monitored.

Human trafficking from Central America to the US generates hundreds of millions in revenue, according to a new RAND report—but the widely ranging estimate, $200 million to $2.3 billion, speaks to the opacity of human-trafficking networks, the authors write.

Transnational criminal organizations are involved, RAND's researchers found, but they may not be the main culprits: Independent actors, ad-hoc groups, loose networks of smaller groups, and more-formalized networks are all involved in a landscape of human smugglers that’s difficult to counter.

Pinellas County Florida



Shrimp And Enslavement

🍤    Last year, the Guardian shed light on an uncomfortable — and unfortunate — truth about much of the shrimp sold in North America, Europe, Japan and elsewhere around the world. A six-month-long investigation revealed that torture, wage-theft, beatings and various other illegal practices were a reality in the production chain of the world's largest supplier.

🍤    If you buy prawns or shrimp from Thailand, you will be buying the produce of slave labor.  The investigation followed a 2013 report by the Environmental Justice Foundation, a nongovernmental organization, which chronicled the abuse in the Thai shrimp industry.   It also spurred a flurry of corporate responses: Walmart said it was "actively engaged" in the issue; Costco said it was telling its suppliers "to take corrective action;" and Tesco, the largest supermarket chain in Britain, called it "completely unacceptable."

🍤    But almost two years later, the problem persists.  A new report published on Monday by the Associated Press holds that such abuses are still rampant in the Thai shrimp industry. What's more, major markets around the world aren't doing a good job of keeping shrimp peeled by modern-day slaves out of their food system.  The AP investigation, which has led to the freeing of thousands of indentured fishermen, dozens of arrests and millions of dollars in seizures, found that the United States has been particularly poor in this regard. 

🍤    U.S. customs records show the shrimp made its way into the supply chains of major US food stores and retailers such as Wal-Mart, Kroger, Whole Foods, Dollar General and Petco, along with restaurants such as Red Lobster and Olive Garden.  It also entered the supply chains of some of America's best-known seafood brands and pet foods, including Chicken of the Sea and Fancy Feast, which are sold in grocery stores from Safeway and Schnucks to Piggly Wiggly and Albertsons. AP reporters went to supermarkets in all 50 states and found shrimp products from supply chains tainted with forced labor.

🍤    The conditions aren't helped by countries, such as the United States, which allow slave-peeled shrimp to enter the domestic supply chain.  A near-century-old exemption contained in the US tariff code stipulates that companies can bring goods into the country that don't meet domestic labor laws,  if there is a supposed shortage of that goods.

Vaccinations Save Lives - Conspiratorialists and Nutcases Kill People 
We have the largest number of fast food establishments in the world, it’s a cultural thing...  We also have many unskilled and untrained workers in the food industry.  The turnover, seasonally and corporately is definitely a problem for the business owner or store corporate manager.  Many of these workers are not trained in keeping a business sanitary, some don’t follow instructions, some should not be hired, some have language problems and some bring some really bad problems to bear.  Some may even bring Hepatitus or Measles from another place.  Since I visit many places, I have my vaccines up to date including boosters and Hep-A.

Think of a line cook with HEPATITUS-A handling one hundred (100) plates on a busy lunch and not properly sanitizing.   

EDITOR:  I talk to owners all day long and get the same thing,  “ Good help is hard to find and I also hear from workers many places don’t have good owners and pay squat”.

We have a love affair with fast, fast cars, fast food, fast lives.  We also now have the highest obesity, based on corporate food... I understand it...  Americans are getting fatter, lazier, and judging by voting dumber… choices we are not paying attention to…  and there is a new threat, lies, untruths misconceptions and direct falsehoods about…where and what we eat.  

But there are no vaccinations for stupidity, ignorance and hygiene. 


An Excellent Place To Spread Disease
The place you eat at may be problematic and currently we are looking at the local Tampa Bay Area for this month on May. Those establishments are ones that have reported cases by the Health Department of Florida. Customers that got sick from attending these locations and have NOT been reinspected, as they complied.  But they are under watch.  

Hepatitus is serious and the restaurant business is a hotbed.   The owner has no choice but to remove the person with HEPATITIS-A it or medical leave till cured.  And the owner should get the word out to the customers if they visited the place within ten or twelve days, when you are or were susceptible. If not they should close the joint period… that will get compliance.

Personally,  knowing what I was told by a HEALTH OFFICIAL,  about one to two months is a good time to stay away because worker connectivity and worker familiarity ( many times just screwing around, body contact using same utensils etc,  is contact)  because of the up to two week life cycle of contagion transferable over and over to another person is common in the business and you are the end user.  ( In other words it can go back and forth).

Opinions and false information from a non-recognized source don’t count.   Do not believe third party thoughts, psychic friends, friends of moms with measles thirty years ago,  unknown nor made up friends, my friends friend told him,  second hand opinion, all don’t count.  Nor do mysterious no-it-all gurus don’t count, I trust the Health people not the fakirs and false prophets with theory’s that came from cheap peyote...   We need a certified health card Program for all food service workers period.