We do not recommend nor will we return to theses places due to:

a)  Repeated inspection failures
b)  Dirty properties
c)  Unclean food facility areas like the server tables even with sneeze guards
d)  Dirty kitchen
e)  Stale food, old food, kept three days
f)  Unclean appliances, like soda and shake machines
g) Imbeciles either serving or in management
h) Reports by the County food  inspectors as to compliance with regulations
i)  With a minimum of three visits to correct a problem
j)  Other responsible professional critics like Dirty Dining  ( Excellent)

Simply put their food was sub-par... A definitive lack of good food which encompasses taste, consistency, competitive, different, and not updated, not very good management, over worked by bad supervising hours, staff, offerings, service, speed , efficiency, a good location with entrances, and parking, poor training, poor treatment of the help,  and sometimes a lack of customers will close a place down.  Anything involving Human Trafficking or food trafficking telling you its local Grouper and its some junk fish, or local bay catch and the DNA says the bay was in Indonesia.


We are not recommending this cartoon club... 

Hamburger Marys Bar and Grill  YBOR CITY, Fla. — The Hillsborough County Health Department warned the public last week that a server at Hamburger Mary’s Bar and Grille in Ybor City tested positive for Hepatitis A and the restaurant was shutting down, due to the issue.   But in a special Dirty Dining report, we’re now discovering, the emergency closure was actually due to live roaches and rodents in the kitchen.  THE HEP-A was a secondary problem that needed to be addressed and my practioner to make me get HEP-A shots...Hint: Big Needle, yikes...

On October 24, inspectors went to Hamburger Mary's Bar and Grille at 1800 East 8th Avenue in Ybor City and discovered over 40 live and dead roaches in the bar area, by the reach in cooler on the cook's line, in the alcohol closet in the kitchen, the beer storage area, and by the mop sink and chemical storage area.

And the state found more than 250 rodent droppings and more droppings ‘ too numerous to count' behind the bar with beverages, alcohol and storage.  Two-dozen flying insects were also seen in the bar area and server station.

Hamburger Mary's also had serious food temperature violations on the cook's line with diced chicken at 47-48°F and shell eggs at 50-degrees. All cold food should be at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or below.  And hot food was well below the minimum of 135 degrees Fahrenheit with cooked onions at 94-131°F.

Among the 45 violations documented from October 24-26, inspectors saw raw animal food stored over ready-to-eat food with raw pork stored over corn and beans in the walk-in freezer, a cross contamination issue that could make you sick.

The inspection reports also revealed that servers were seen not washing their hands after handling dirty dishes, another server touched their face and grabbed food out of the reach in cooler and a different server touched his ear and nose and then served food.

In addition, an accumulation of food debris and grease was seen in the reach in coolers, walk-in cooler, fryer, cutting board, soda guns, and the interior of the ice machine, food prepared onsite and held more than 24 hours and not properly date marked including chicken, Cuban sandwiches, and Mac and cheese balls.

ABC Action News anchor Wendy Ryan spoke with Hamburger Mary's owner, Kurt, who told her over the phone that after this inspection, he fired the pest control company and hired a new one. Kurt also hired two new kitchen managers and cleaned up all of the violations found. He now believes his restaurant is one of the cleanest in Hillsborough County. The restaurant has since reopened.

The Roadhouse - (2)  Died of boredom Average food, mid price range, service average, not competitive enough, lost their “mojo”, seemed like a clone of Lone star.  Lots of competition for one grade lower meat.

Steak and Ale - (2)  Their places were like old dusty english castles Just stalled or is it staled out, boring, dark, gloomy. No excitement. With no competition used to be a top place.  Just too competitive a market and the economy didn't help.  They also took away their salad bars and other nice things and one day…

Bennigan’s - (3)  Few if any changes or upgrading, lost in the shuffle - People found other places to socialize. Another Chili’s, Applebees, Ruby Tuesdays, cult copycats...

Shells Corporate - (4)   Financially managed a disaster by bean counters - Expensive operation, out of Business. Some franchised independents around in Tampa Bay.  Not Corporate. GONE

Crispers - (2)   Bad locations, parking, too little too late, Salad place owned by Publix, really an experiment, bad location, no parking on a main street, I heard food was good, but no traffic is a killer.

Several Local Bistros -  The Lobster Pot, Lincoln Bistro, Hammerheads, NOVO,  Elements
These were smaller scale, intimate, some decent good places, but two bad tourist years in a row, no traffic, tourist trade dependent, none existent, basically the slow season became year round and the oil crisis added many more.  Some of these places were great eateries but high cost locations or competition killed them.  If they had made it to today, we had a banner tourist year due to the bad weather up north.

The Worst Place Dirty Award - THE EGG PLATER 

The Egg Platters: (2-3)  I went to the men’s room, opened the door and almost threw up.  The dirt and stench and human particulate stuff smeared on the walls.  This one needed a call to the Board of Health came right down and they shut the doors.  The chain closed two weeks later.   Gone forever, good riddance, his places were filthy dangerous.

Dumbest Management Brain Fart Award

Fuddruckers won this one hands down, with making Hamburger complexity a work of art. By the time you got through the maze of stands you weren’t hungry anymore. Bad location, high prices for hamburgers and poof they are gone. 

RATING: THEY CLOSED UP, GONE IN OUR AREA , not missed and their burgers sucked.

Friends were in town and wanted to eat out.  I suggested elsewhere and no one listened.  Two got sick from the same dish,  one went to the ER. I gave them three months in my best Brooklyn Italian “ fogetaboutit”. Two months they were gone. It was hell’s kitchen all right.

The Chinese Buffets

Discussed in the Asian section, the majority of them are not that good an idea.

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