Twice, sometime three times a week I totally ignore my cardiologist and sit down to a modest breakfast of the things I like and find as my comfort food.  A pleasant break from Kellogg’s Special K and Raisin Bran, with Soy or Almond Milk, couple pieces of wheat toast and coffee flavored with either Hazelnut or French Vanilla in the soy family.

Two eggs over medium with red (pinch of Sriracha) and black pepper on top of a bed of garlic infused baby spinach, four slices of prime select bacon, drained of oil, a few slices of hard salami diced and fresh baby tomatoes.  Wheat toast, sometime some grits or hash browns and I’m happy, happy…  Doesn’t take much to make me happy just good food. Which brings us to the subject of…

Leftovers to me are like found items. You know you have them, you just can’t remember where you put them, and a couple weeks later after you forgot them, you find a mass in the refrigerator of unknown scientific off-world origination.  To me they are gold and require immediate attention.

After a very busy Holiday, and after the guests were gone, peace was restored, the turkey sub pieces like wings legs and thighs went into the crock pot and became a delicious soup. 

Almost, well, actually three two-quart containers filled with carrots, corn, broccoli, and other veggies, cans of cream of chicken and chicken broth for the base.   (see spatch-cocking the turkey)  

We also had the usual assortment of turkey leftover dinner items. Thus traditionally, the following night which is a lot more peaceful and quiet,  just the two of us sat down and with nice afterthought conversation.

Many folks when you invite them to dinner will always want to bring things.  Pies and stuffing galore because you buy a pie, no work and stuffing is no work, add water, butter and a pot.  Simple, you get the hard work.  We had stuffing and gravy out the Ying-Yang.  (I have no idea where that expression came from) and some of it had to be reprocessed and utilized.

VOILA!   I pulled out the frypan, a few pieces of bacon crisped and then chopped, put the bacon back into the slim bacon drippings,  got rid of most of it, added the stuffing (its just herbed bread) and mixed with the bits.  I took 2 eggs and beat them severely and poured over the stuffing.  In a moment of weakness I added some peppers and other herbs to the gravy and microwaved that about fifteen seconds.  French stuffed toast with gravy the hard way!  It was delicious.

Having an excellent working relationship with my cardiologist prompts me into a typical Southern dish, called everything from Pig Patties, sausage patties and also available in links.

I like the patties, they cook more evenly,  and if you are lazy and don’t make your own, Jimmy Dean makes some fine ones, in pork or turkey for those not eating meat.

He also makes the hash browns, two minutes and very tasty right from the microwave, some tomatoes and fruit topped the meal.

The best way to start the day….. with Hot Sauce and a fast put together.


For  May 5th, of any year, I celebrate Cinco De mayo with this colorful rendition of Mexican Culture.

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