So my buddy and his kid on vacation from the greater Philadelphia area comes over for breakfast and this kid is pickier than a dog with fleas.  Here’s how the conversation went:


ME:   “What can I make you for breakfast” after trying unsuccessfully to get the gameboy out of his hand without breaking a few fingers?

HE:   “Nothing once, nothing twice”, and on the third try, he thought for a while how he would get me, the little smart ass, so he said he’d like a Philly Cheese Sandwich.

ME:    He thought I would say no and I was almost content to let him starve. I always let spite win.  It usually doesn’t last that long.  Then he could quietly starve.  

HE:    Till he asked me if I had a coke.   No frickin way, I knew I won.

ME:    OK, I thought for breakfast, I could do that, but not yet,  I had no rolls, I knew bread would not work,  so I did the next best thing and came up with AL’s PHILLY Cheese Steak Breakfast omelet.

I had meat marinating in the fridge in Worcestershire, scallions and Montreal Seasoning.  I pulled out a small cut, I call it the taste cut because while I have a large meat order cooking, I sample from a small cut I use to see how well the process is going.   

I took my Sashimi knife and thin sliced it with added shallots and sauteed it till almost done. (SEE PICTURE)  I scrambled up two eggs, added them to the fray and flipped once. I took the bulk white american cheese and put it in my cheese shredder and cranked it on, put on a lid for two minutes and the cheese melted right in.  

I folded the ends of the omelet and served it and the kid ate the whole damn thing. He loved it. It looked so good I made another for myself and it's a cute variant of steak and eggs especially if you use Cheese-whiz as they do in Philly.