1-Our tribe never uses the legs and wings or thighs, so they were removed. I throw the junk package away, 
2-They were placed in a pot of broth or stock and cooked till the meat can be removed with a knife. Pitch the bones.
The breasts were removed and placed on a tray separated by foil as I prepped the two like loins Regular and Spicy.
4-All the small spare meat around the breast and bones were surgically removed and placed in a slow cooker or stew pot 
cooked into a soup.  We took all the meat off the wings, legs and thighs and throw them into the stew pot till the meat falls off, dump the bones then I added:  Some of the meat was pulled and cooked into barbecue sauce. 
5-Two packages of frozen Sam’s veggies, mandolin thin sliced potatoes and tomato paste, diced and sauce, the usual spices and Herbs de Provence and some other goodies and we netted six quarts of thick soup wholesome soup and two big turkey breasts which is all they eat anyway.  (very picky crew)

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