Years ago while working for a major corporation, and way before I got this adamant about food services, I either brought lunch to work, or was fairly careful about eating out and what I put into my digestive system. 

I allowed myself, as management can do, that at least two days out a week for lunch with a fellow employee or drifted off by myself. Located two blocks away was a YAYA's Flame Broiled Chicken Franchise.  I saw at lunch, the take-out my fellow employees were munching on. Munching because the pieces they paid for needed a pair of tweezers to hold. Eating is when there is enough food in every bite.

At corporate, after I saw co-workers throw out half the chicken from YAYA's, I took a few of the employees on a mission of intellect and common sense. I went with them down to Sam's Club, 1/2 mile away and got whole roasted chickens for under $5.00. Each fed, well, stuffed two, we bought a case of soda for four dollars and 5 pounds of potato salad for half of YAYA's and had leftovers.


We serve only farm fresh grade "A" chickens, gently marinated in our secret blend of natural herbs and spices. We broil them over an open flame creating the healthiest and tastiest chicken in the world! Complementing our meals are our signature sandwiches and salads, including our grilled chicken Caesar salad. Treat yourself to the delicious taste of YAYA'S Flame Broiled Chicken, any way you like it. YAYA'S chickens are:

• NEVER MARINATED IN OIL … resulting in fewer calories, less fat and less cholesterol.

The Health department didn’t think so...

Whats with this secret blend, the Colonel started that sales rumor years ago. Aha! It's really a brine, marinade or pre-soak, Greek in origin, very common and you simply pre-soak the Chicken in the "secret blend". 
 Lemon is the key.....you can use black pepper and lemon juice. Sugar acts to glaze and offsets the lemon.

1/2 C Kosher salt
1/3 C Granulated sugar
3 T Lemon pepper seasoning
1 T Rubbed Sage
1 T Ground Thyme, some use Oregano.   
1/2 T Garlic powder
1/2 T Onion powder

Soak at least an hour before grilling the chicken. Never frozen, no coatings, no grease, no oils, sounds good. Only if your system and your employees are on top of everything. Chicken on the grill for hours is "carbonized dreck".  Many Greek recipes for marinade might also contain these other basics, Mint, Dill, Rosemary, and Marjoram. 

The fast way: I use Tones Chicken Blend (SAM'S), add a touch of sugar, lemon powder and use as a rub, has all the florals. Herbs like Rosemary used in the food business, from flowers are called florals.   I realized several things about their product.  They must buy the smallest cheapest chickens on the market.  Compared to what you get for what you pay, they were outrageous in price.   There is a difference in cooking and burning. If there was a "Chicken Hell", this was it.  

So much heat for hours, if unsold, made the chicken ..., cremated at best describes it.  They sell yesterdays leftovers as "value packs" for 3.00 dollars.  The value packs would make excellent treats if you owned a Tasmanian Devil from New Zealand, they love carrion and dead animals, the older the better.

SUMMARY:  I haven't visited them since….. this store was closed.



GULF TO BAY - CLEARWATER, Fla. - 1764 Gulf to Bay Boulevard, Clearwater, FL‎ -

On July 28, 2010, health inspectors with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation found food being kept at the wrong temperatures. They ordered YaYa's to discard 55 pounds of cooked chicken, 80 lbs. of marinated chicken, and 10 pounds of BBQ chicken. That is 145 pounds of chicken thrown away because of temperature issues.

The 'Stop Sale' didn't end there. From poultry to side dishes, YaYa's was forced to throw away over 226 pounds of potentially hazardous food due to temperature abuse. After the 145 lbs. of chicken, they had to toss 43 lbs. of butter, 30 lbs. of baked beans, 104 cups of salad dressings, 6 lbs of salads, potatoes, and pasta, and 2.5 lbs. of gyro meat.  Food kept at incorrect temperature can easily be contaminated. If ingested, contaminated food can make people sick.

On the July 28 visit, inspectors also found dead roaches under the tea counter, and flies in the kitchen. They also found rodent droppings under the table in the roasting pag, under the rolling table, and in storage areas.  In March, the state found fifty rodent droppings throughout the restaurant, including on and under their storage shelves, the rear room, even on the employee restroom hand sink.

Over several months, YaYa's Flame Broiled Chicken has accumulated 83 critical violations and three follow-up inspections by the state. Employees blamed it on a broken cooler. Right, the rats must of sabotaged the place.

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