SHELACKINGI'll tell it what it was... it wasn't what it was years ago... this place has changed, maybe when the ownership changed. It was a slow night. disappointing on all counts. And it’s really the managements fault, the help has to follow the rules  but when the emphasis is on costumes and boobs and butts  (OK for Cro-Magnon’s tits and asses) on young girls I lost interest in the food as the food was worse.  

FOOD - I should have ordered the regular wings as the boneless wings were chicken chunks hard as a rock as an appetizer.  I did not order any more.   It was my first time back to Clearwater after eating at the Origional KERS Pinellas Park store more often, which was better for years. I expected better, I was hungry, me bad.   It was like 11.00 dollars for KFC rejects.   See the Origional Store I thought highly of it.

My Last Time - Don’t order the chunks... They are on a lower level than the Colonels worst, the Louisiana Box Nerd, and the Popeye freak show.  OK, I'm a critical person who just happens to write and photograph about food and they were horrid.  Zantac horrid.  Shortest review on food I ever did...

LAST CHANCE - One more shot with real wings and we’ll see.

STAFF - Places change with ownership, the younger, now very young girls in fake costumes are still present and greeter standing in the doorway.  Some even younger, some about the age of my grand child, whom I would disown if I saw her running around dressed like that.  Nice kids, obviously need the job and money but this will not get them to Hollywood, even Hollywood Florida... but distressing.

Before any of you comment about my disdain for the costuming I’m looking at it from a business standpoint and as a matter of fact, I am an Ex-Playboy club photographer having worked with the immortal David Chan, the first Dean of Photography at Playboy.  They were a class act not an ass act way before the exploitation of today.

SUGGESTIONS  -  Some themes grow old with age, and this place was like junior varsity compared to the competition of the other bigger name wing joint.  Time for a change, frankly I don’t care to be looking at anatomy prancing by as a methodology to improve poor food.    May I suggest a few thing to management who obviously don’t get it, times change, they need to be in something just as cute. 

  • Number one - there was not one woman in the place. One left after I sat down.
  • Number two - that women customers like wings too. 
  • Number three - and 90% of the ladies I interviewed at other places did not feel comfortable in a “place like that” feeling that the girls were more important than the food.  
  • Yes,  a little jealousy usually enters the picture.
  • You are talking about a Me-To period of time when you treat women with respect, The Me Too movement, is a movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault.  This was blatant stupidity and backward, who knows maybe thats you clientele.
  • Answer: Change image and ego for more couples dinners and baskets to double your audience. 
  • Oh-oh... Here it comes, the amazing part was Hooters who dressed up their act a little was swamped and Wings was sitting in a partially empty lot.  Class act or ass-act.
  • After starring at a few other plates, the plate of thorns was enough and I left.  It’s a boiling oil theme Wing paradise.
  • Ability to hire more experienced waitresses instead of kids with attitudes and lacking maturity.
  • Get the ladies back. If you think a women is comfortable looking at kids arses and thinking of her own children working there...The last two comments I constantly interview people I heard were something about wringing her neck, this is not a future.
  • One woman said what if these kids go a second step...they are halfway there.

SIMPLE CHANGES  -  I saw some beautiful tunic style uniforms in a few top end places in New York,  a few weeks ago not this Redneck Style Hooker Challenge.   Something Upscale like...  ”The Old Grecian Slave Girl look” more independent, different colors, golden goddess headbands, sandals, and it will work.   There are thousands available.  It was called the Olympics.

Gave me a great idea for a new theme restaurant and I’ll get with some of my clients with sketches and plans on this empire of Olympia called the Colossus.  I found the costumes, I know a great menu featuring many of the same items but a totally different atmosphere and environment that doesn’t look like the United Nations of Redneck land.  More like a party at Caesars house.

The sports bar attitude is still there, as we watched in defeat of the Tampa Bay Bolts by the CBD and the place was not that busy, but the agony of defeat was in the air and the communal hooping and hollering.   

And yet It's missing something I can't quite figure out, the tempo, spirit ,smiles, maturity, they were young, one was 18, I asked. Management?  No one smiled thats bad... I have gut feelings about places and bad feelings here...

I made several decisions, no one from my tribe will be joining me there for dinner, solo at best.  Back to Pinellas park.  There are plenty, about 205 places I can get wings, and I cook in five languages, and the service is great in my house...service was for the birds, most be a slow night and no one making money.

I’m either going back to my old haunts or find a new one, the competition in town on wings is horrific and the vast selection of great, really great, wings to bad, really bad and sucks is wholesale available as it as bad as the burger wars, both are essential parts of the Southern diet.

Oh most of those wings, a true southern tradition are from 

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