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I travel frequently, attending conferences and trade shows which brings me to Vegas.  With the heat index at 115 we did not venture too far from the hotel, about as far as the valet service to get our bags.  And then turned around not wishing to venture outside.   Vegas in July is brutal. 

Fortunately we stayed at the “M” hotel in Vegas, a true four star hotel and I explored tired every restaurant and Gelato bar in sight.  Finally we had a plane to catch and a willing shuttle driver.  A six o’clock departure meant getting to the airport two hours earlier.  We should of ate at the hotels fine culinary experiences.  We didn’t.  First mistake.

I have probably heard all the airport, airplane and travel jokes ever written. I probably created a few myself.  I’m not laughing at anything after my visit to this PGA TOUR Grill at the Southwest, B gate in McCarran Airport.  Im working on one for this place.

Our waitress was nice, actually both were, Mona and Daisy so no fault of theirs the food was so terrible.  I thought I was in third world country.  Actually I got better food in several third world countries.

I was looking for a snack because in four hours I would be home and the late dinner I knew would be ready for me.  Since the place looks like a sports bar, I ordered a plate of wings and a cold beer, hot sauce on the side not looking for any aggravation on the flight home, just an appetizer.  Second mistake, I should have ate at the hotel.


I have seen bigger wings on insects, and these really looked stale, really gross looking wings mostly burnt. I told Mona our waitress, this was not acceptable and were there any wings that came from real nurtured Chickens hopefully none like these which tried to cross the road and got killed by a passing car.  This was roadkill.  I was being kind by not throwing them on the floor.

They were  (in twenty years of writing about food)   the worst offering I have ever seen a restaurant put forth.  The replacement was slightly better claiming the cook just opened a fresh bag of wings which to me meant what I got were the dregs last in the bottom of the older bag. And if the improvement was the real thing,  I suggest you get a better vendor, fire the buyer, raise your own chickens, but first try the wings yourself.  If you have no idea what going out on plates shame on you. 

If the food was better this was still a holdup.  We needed a snack and should have gotten a Quiznos or Subway for the plane and split it.  The pricing was outrageous even for an airport location.  Almost four dollars for a Sprite, almost nine dollars for a Bud light, Fourteen dollars and fifty cents for the lousy disgusting wings.

My partner ordered chips with cheese on top and got a bag of potato chips with cheese sauce, on top which was a partially cooked mess for ten dollars.   Thats how they get away with it, they know everyones in a hurry and a plane to catch allows lousy food, and few complaints. I am being discreet by not showing pictures.

The place is a ripoff, the food is terrible, dated, not fresh and looking around at other folks their expressions told the story....I’m very fussy about things when I write about a place in the negative, I try to find something good they did.  I found nothing.  And Monday the 18th they will receive a not very nice phone conversation and I will share the worst food experience of the year and just possible the last five years with each of my outlets.  (Many)

To my 42,000 readers:  I did receive a letter from the bosses administrative assistant, in response to the worst meal this year.   And they did offer me a  “Be Our Guest Card”  that appears to be a form of lets try this again but this was not about appeasement,  this was about serving really poor overpriced food.

Dear  Tenesha T. Harvey
Thank you for your speedy reply to my condemning letter of your HMS Host food practices at Las Vegas ’s McCarran Airport.  I travel to Vegas sometimes three times a year for trade shows probably thirty years running.  I appreciate your offer of “ Be Our guest Card”  but with good conscience I would warn travelers that the PGA Host is  a place to avoid (at least the wings) at major airports. No pun intended but to be honest those wings didn
’t fly.

What I did fail to tell you is that I write a food column for various sources around the web


Tenesha T. Harvey

Administrative Assistant
O 702 261 4342  F 702 798 0141

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