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JUNE 16, 2015 - Being a benevolent individual and always trying to keep up the accuracy of what we consider food establishments  worthy in the Tampa bay area we sometimes go back to see if things improved. 

In this case we covered this establishment three additional times and found the same bad habits and bad food still prevail thus awarding the Oriental Super Buffet our prestigious award the Vomitus  Emeritus two years running for getting worse not better.

And I would like to know in Clearwater who voted this place the number one Oriental buffet in Clearwater and please let me know what you were smoking or drinking, it obviously was a great high.

The food was terrible, overcooked, looked days old, the chicken sticks were dry, overcooked or reheated too many times.  

I make it a point never to read other blogs or comments till I eat there myself and then compare the difference or similarities.  On one particular blog there were twenty-four comments and the majority were not nice. 

On another site devoted to the culinary arts,  the answers were very similar. The odds were definately against the place and the ratings were poor. Actually most of those who wrote, had the highest amount of  "I will never go back again".

OSB has undergone a huge interior renovation and you would not recognize it but  the food is still low to mediocre, average at best and bad in some cases with the exception of the Sushi bar.  On a high note the at least for now the Chef they hired for the Sushi side is quite good. But as usual most of the trays were half filled, dried out and the presentation not appealing at all.

On "YELP", the first five commentators were all thrilled about the new layout with the new Sushi bar and total decor of the place..  That was not an improvement.  But a necessity as the old place was as appealing as the old downtown district in Schenfeng, China.  Nice location, nice decor, lousy food, bad management.

But we go there for the food.  And that was nothing to talk about, average at best if I stretch.  Lots of bland, lots of redo, lots of dried.  One person wrote: No spicy tuna rolls. No sashimi. Half the sushi bar slots were empty. No more crab is being offered on the hot bar. Yet the price has gone up. 

••  The place has very rude owners, and very arrogant. the staff speaks little English.  After eating here for many years, I do have to agree with other poster, Chopsticks is better by far. 

••  The wait staff was lukewarm at best. Not only will we not go back, I will tell everyone to go to Chopsticks @ 19 and Countryside for the same price, and better food.  Shame, because we used to love OSB, but we won't go back.

••  The new atmosphere is quite nice.  I especially like the waterfall at the front entrance and the sounds of the singing birds. The hibachi is a nice addition, but I think they need to tweak the flavors a bit.  I am sure if it will get better in time. The food and service is still average not really good, but prices did go up a bit and not justified.

•• I went there tonight, the food was not the best I have had at a buffet. The new layout is nice, but there was a strong smell It was like the place needed ventilation. From the different type of dishes. What I taste was very mediocre at best. The rice was O.K. I went to get some almond cookies as usually you cant go wrong with that. But these were rancid and I reported twice but no attention was given to it. I wont be back.

I also have a problem with those who gave it five stars and raved about the place, Shilling is quite common in the industry and if you didn't see what I saw or tasted what I tasted, how could you of missed it?  OK to be fair, I cook and have worked in the industry but if a place ever needed Chef Ramsey in the kitchen, this place does and bring an exterminator.  

It has nice looks now, tremendous effort went into the remake, but it needs a new head chef, and culinary staff and a better front end manager to keep check on the food.  Keep the Sushi guy, maybe... Further information came from the Food police and the county and came up with the following: Not pretty…just convincing… When only one rating exists, thats a red flag.


To be fair I have eaten there six times, four under the old place and twice under the new makeover (as late as Dec 2016 but I won’t go back) and I can only rate the food average or below (-4 of 10) and what I term suspicious, with the exception of the Sushi bar for the time being. That being said, tremendous violations by the kitchen staff rate this palace as avoid. Just a track record of dirty dinning.  …

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Inspection Date and Violations, no further updates since I won’t go back.

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