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LARGO, FL 33771             

It was  a gigantic campaign proving bigger is not better,  Corpo-Guano NOISE (BIG TV ADS AND BRAGGING) DOES NOT REPLACE QUALITY, and I just had to try the Extra Most Bestest PIZZA in Town, after seeing it on TV and astounded at the price of six dollars for a large pie promising scads of pepperoni, and mountains of cheese for only a dollar more than their regular contributions to the five dollar Florida Pizza wars...   

I had taken two pies out before from this location.  Again, my policy is clear, very clear, anyone can have a bad day in the food business, so we give it three chances, and when it’s bad three times, I get perturbed (not nice). The other two times were marginal, one was marginal and the other below average even after reheating and adding some quality toppings at my house.

The third visit was not the charm it was the worst...not the Bestest

Missing on my delivery from the drive in window was enjoyment just disappointment. It really was a unique experience this time:

When I got it home, it definitely had appeared to be been laying around and barely made it to my Condo which is one traffic light and about one minute, 45 seconds away. 

I had to reheat it, slice by slice for 20 seconds.  After tasting the blah first slice the second was used for testing and the rest disposed of in my condos dumbwaiter dumpster.  Thus I rated it minus 2 - never should have made it through the drive in window.

FRESHNESS and TASTE, the burnt cheese really added nothing and the super thin Pepperoni was crispy like bacon. It too had been subjected to Vulcans wrath and well done, too well done, the wellness was gone.

But the worst part of bad pizza usually relates to the sauce, and I can’t comment on that because I couldn’t taste it nor find it.  It might have been buried under the mountains of mozzarella, or the scads of burnt pepperoni.  I looked at the second piece stripped back the cheese and landmines and found little nothing resembling sauce.   

After two slices were tested, I ate a few bites from one which had no taste, and Johnny Five’d the other, the rest of the pie took the dumbwaiter style garbage disposal from the fifth floor of my condo to the dumpster, carefully sealed in plastic wrap so as not to offend the dumpster critters that hang near dumpster.  It will be picked up by the Largo Sanitation truck on Monday and hopefully feed the animals in the landfill after the plastic is removed.

My policy has always been clear, I order. They present, I take it the way it comes, I say nothing, test it and report.  I ask for no freebies, I can’t be bought and have a “sardastic attitude”   (sarcastic and sadistic combined).

I pitched the remains,and made myself a Cuban sandwich on my Panini grill.  Good pizza has to be right out of the oven and made fresh, thats why I never order slices. No one knows how long they sat before they hit the oven a second time. Good pizza in Pinellas country go to Country Inn.  (see review)

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