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I admit I am in love with the most expensive part of the chicken. The wings sell for more money than any other parts per weight or wastage. 

With that said, these are the best wings I have had in the Tampa Bay area. PERIOD!  Larger, Fresh, Hot, Juicy, and the house medium sauce was easy on the tongue and, gentle on the tummy.

As one who cooks and writes about food, my palate might be a hair above most. I started working on an article about wings and it has been more of a treat than real work. Actually hitting a new place every two to three days, making comparisons, and I have to be honest. So far no one touches this place. There were also...

Lots of disappointments, and I have noticed some folks praised places , some with big names that frankly really don't stand up. They must be from another universe if they thought those wings were good.  
Frankly we found lots of the following, undersized wings, overcooked, burnt and drowned, over breaded, small portions, dried up, chiller burn...and some sauces that smothered most of the imperfections and infuriated the Maalox Gods.  Some are mentioned in my other reviews and not just a one time test, I go back three times.

Since this is my website, I can say what I wish.  Some, like TRIPADVISOR prohibit mentioning other competitors.  I write for them too and observe good taste and policy so I go by the rules, most respect that.

So far to be honest, I will tell you, two things effect how wings turn out.  How the chicken was treated and how the kitchen help is treated.  A-HA! Got you on that one.  When my article the Best wings in Tampa Bay comes out, I will explain further. So far the wings at Golden Corral, en mass, all you could eat were undercooked and Fridays were horrid.  Undersized, overcooked and no value at Fridays. Ten plus dollars for 12 ounces, six of which were bones.

This place and subsequent other locations was started by Crawford Ker, a former college and professional football player for the Cowboys and Broncos. Those guys can eat, and it's reflected in the menu and preparation. That explains the fifty wing size plater, two of us tried to nail it one night and I was stuffed. The remnants were great the next day.

They are known for their chicken wings and award winning hot sauce, but the WingHouse is more than that. New TV’s all over the place with the latest sports and major event packages.  Almost every week is a specialty night with various events, like custom cars and cycles, a sports special on PPV or salute to the troops.

They serve roadhouse American entrees. The burgers are huge, the sandwiches plump and more ways to serve chicken in salads both for the volume eater and the diet inclined lo-cal aficionado. Veggies, pasta and Their "boneless wings" are available grilled for the healthy folks. 

They have a full, really full, full-service bar, a nice selection of liquor cocktails and major domestic, imported and specialty beers.

We went there three times, different folks twice and the last trip was a solo, excellent, excellent, consistently good. I had the wings, in medium sauce, I won’t tell you how many, and a cold Corona served with the lime.

Since then a corporation bought out the Winghouse, basically everything has stayed the same and the food is still good. A one store operation became a massive chain and Ker obviously walked away smiling.


Just as with their main competition, which is Hooter's there are the girls. Part of the food industry is presentation. How the food looks when it comes out of the kitchen. I can safely say having it delivered by a nice looking server is better than having it served by Morticia.

Their uniforms, are not as scanty as you might think but are form fitting. There were nice forms fitting those costumes. It might not make everybody happy BUT, they are beautiful, they smile, they have great personalities, my server was very intelligent and worldly. Her name was MAYA. I don't believe the church group eats in and may go the takeout route.

On their menus and webpage, Ker writes: Our version of "The Girl Next Door", The World Famous WingHouse Girls specialize in being "brilliant on the basics." Their great service, positive attitudes, and pretty smiles make WingHouse the ideal place to be a sports fan…  No argument from me, pass the Ranch dressing please.

I like this place when I go mainly with the guys, because on some events it
s like most sports bars noisy and the gals see the servers as competition or are just overwhelmed.   Take your honey to a nice quiet romantic place with good wine, atmosphere, light music and choice words.  At quiet times my honey likes the wings and goes with me. They treat Grandma nice.  

Wear your best camos, scrape the mud off those hunting boots, shower, mind your manners and use the knife and fork, and a spoon for the soup, take off your ball cap and show off that grease parted hair, offer her a glass of wine to go with your Budweiser’s and try using a glass.  She’ll be impressed.

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