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Good Fortune Buffet
1030 58th St N  St PetersburgFL 33710
(727) 345-9788

Worst Chinese Ever by BJR June 28, 2011 - Doesn’t like it - Don't go. My spouse and I visited this place on 06/26/2011. What a disappointment. This place has really taken a nose dive. All food was overcooked and cold and we tried several dishes. Poor service, no refills on drinks. Overpriced ($28.87 for two adult buffets and watered down iced teas. And, they make tables with separate checks pay BEFORE eating. This is a new policy I've never seen in any restaurant before. We won't be back.

Rude and nasty by Rich  July 16, 2011 - Doesn’t like it
Rich - Good fortune just lost a good customer today. This restaurant is next door to a child entertainment complex I frequent with my son for lunch quite often. We decided to give it a try for dinner since we've usually been satisfied.

They advertised that Crab legs are on the menu during weekends with an accompanying increase in price.  Unfortunately, the entire time we were there (close to 45 minutes) there were never crab legs on the Buffet.

No big deal as there were lots of other things to eat although I was looking forward to eating a little bit of crab since we were paying a premium for it.  I probably wouldn't have given it a second thought except for the absolutely lousy service. 

We didn't even have a waitress come over to ask what drinks we wanted until we were finished with our first plate.  We waited and waited for crab legs to be put on the menu but they never came and with a youngster anxious to get to the real fun next door I decided to just eat what was available.

As we were finishing dessert the manager came walking by. I flagged him down and informed him that I have always liked coming here for lunch but I was a little disappointed in the dinner service.

He asked why? I then told him that I’ve only seen a waitress once and inquired why there was no crab tonight.  He didn’t even address the lack of service and with absolutely no apologies he said that some people eat too much.  I laughed and said that I understood how that can be a big problem, but very politely asked why are you charging people for something they don't get?  

He then said “We put out crab sometimes and to talk to cashier if you not happy".  Ok, so Now I'm getting a little peeved but as a business owner myself I believe that you always get further with people by being nice rather than a jerk.  As I walked up to the cashier I noticed that the manager was walking away so I figured he had given her a heads up already. 

I asked her if she had spoken with the manager and again with no apologies she snapped at me and said, “Everybody pay same price”.  I calmly said “I wasn't looking for any discount but was trying to find out why you are charging for something that you are not giving to people?  She then said matter of factly, you no like you go someplace else!

I said to her "Are you kidding me" and looked around for a hidden camera thinking some kind of prank was being played on me.  Unfortunately, the only "prank" was this place calling itself a restaurant and these people believing they are professionals.  I will never be back…

SNOW CRAB LOVER by Hiroko FL, July 06, 2011 - Doesn't like it
I just wanted to eat a lots of snow crab. I made mistake. I should have just go regular seafood restaurant and pay decent money to eat snow crab.  Over cooked crab. such a waste.  What do you expect from $12 right?   Yes, I know…I just wanted to eat a lot of crabs….    Editor Suggestion: Take up crabbing and go get your own, you are probably the guy who takes the whole tray when they do come out and doesn’t leave anything for anyone else.  

Everything these kind folks wrote about this place is true, nothing was overstated nor made up. I saw this myself on several occasions as this is my old neighborhood and I go there to visit with friends. The place really went downhill. 

The owner is as portrayed an asshole, make that an asshole from an elephant, I saw him on several occasions and felt sorry for the help.  They were scared to death of him. And I think I know why.  Four of the local “Chinese”  buffets recently got nailed in Human Trafficking.

Maybe they too are illegals as is common in this business, the food is kept too long, doesn’t even look edible in some of the steam tables.  It was disgusting the last time and warranted a call to the county food police.

The snow crabs get scooped up by one table, usually his friends, and then they are gone and you still get charged. Everything these folks said is true and I doubt seriously on Urban Spoon that 76 percent of folks liked it. They either are braindead or know nothing about food or the business.

But a vote means nothing as five of the six places we found were outright disgusting on several occasions that were voted that they liked the place.  The problem is some of these votes were from years ago, probably a relative of the owner or friend.

I pay no attention to what they vote, nor to what they write and I write about what I personally experience, period. This joint goes on the chopping block and needs new ownership.   I owe no one anything and I have culinary experience with a quick insight as to health regulations. This place is a dive.


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