Even with the benefit of the doubt this is a troubled chain.  The apparent minimum wage law is a disaster. Must be because the three times we checked on this store there was not enough help, dirty floors, dirty tables, apparently the leaving shift didn't bus their tables and it was once again understaffed. 

Maybe all these corporate big shots should take less compensation and pay the help a little so they would stay on. Three times the same problems, so no one has addressed the problems. 
They have also been mentioned in several racial discrimination suits.  They cleaned the table because it was still dirty.  Something caught my eye....I blinked and it moved...  
ANTS  all over the sugar dish.   All over my hand and the tea. We moved to another table, finished the meal and left,  that’s it for this place.  We went to four stores and that killed the interest. Their whole corp needs a makeover


Denny’s has been involved in a series of discrimination lawsuits involving food servers denying or providing inferior service to racial minorities, especially black customers.  In 1994, Denny's settled a class action lawsuit filed by black customers who had been refused service, forced to wait longer, or pay more than white customers. The $54.4 million settlement was the largest to date under federal public-accommodations laws established thirty years earlier.

In 1995, a black Denny's customer in Sacramento, California was told that he and his friends had to pay up front at the counter upon ordering their meals. He questioned the waitress: "We asked the waitress about it and she said some black guys had been in earlier who made a scene and walked out without paying their bill. So the manager now wanted all blacks to pay up front."

A 1993 incident occurred when six black United States Secret Service agents visited a Denny's restaurant in Annapolis, Maryland. They were forced to wait an hour for service while their white companions were seated immediately.

In San Jose, California, in 1994, several black teenagers were refused service unless they agreed to pay in advance.

In 1997, six Asian-American students from Syracuse University visited a local Denny's restaurant late at night. They waited for more than half an hour as white patrons were regularly served, seated, and offered more helpings. They complained to management and to their server but were forced to leave the establishment by two security guards called by Denny's management. Then, according to the students, a group of white men came out of Denny’s, attacked them and shouted racial epithets. Several of the students were beaten into unconsciousness.

After the $54.4 million settlement, Denny's created a racial sensitivity training program for all employees. Denny’s has also made efforts at improving its public relations image by featuring African-Americans in their commercials, including one featuring Sherman Hemsley and Isabel Sanford, actors from the popular The Jeffersons television series.

In 2001, Denny’s was chosen by Fortune magazine as the “Best Company for Minorities."  In 2006 and 2007, Denny's topped Black Enterprise's "Best 40 Companies for Diversity."

In 2014, a Denny’s location in Deming, New Mexico became subjected to a discrimination claim by an LGBT group, alleging that wait staff used homophobic slurs and refused to serve a group of gay, lesbian, and transgender customers who were attending a gay pride celebration. 

One year later, Denny’s agreed to donate $13,000 to Deming Pride, pay $3,250 to a female customer who was subjected to the abusive behavior by wait staff, as well as retrain employees regarding discrimination policies.

In 2017, staff at a Denny’s in Vancouver were accused of making an Indigenous woman pay for her meal before it was served.  After the customer left, restaurant staff called police to report the incident, alleging that the patron had a sharp-metal object in their pocket. Denny's Canada responded stating that the company was conducting an internal review regarding the incident.