Missouri Ave North of East-West Bay 

Even with the benefit of the doubt this is a troubled chain.  The apparent minimum wage law is a disaster. Must be because the three times we checked on this store there was not enough help, dirty floors, dirty tables, apparently the leaving shift didn't bus their tables and it was once again understaffed. 

Maybe all these corporate big shots should take less compensation and pay the help a little so they would stay on. Three times the same problems so no one has addressed the problems.   After the nice waitress came over we ordered two sandwiches, iced tea and a hot tea. 

They cleaned the table because it was still dirty.  Something caught my eye....I blinked and it moved...  ANTS  all over the sugar dish.   All over my hand and the tea. We moved to another table, finished the meal and left...........that's it for this place. 
2nd Visit: No reasonable change in staff or food quality, poorly managed.
3rd Visit:  No reasonable change in staff or food quality, poorly organized.

DENNY'S:  US 19 South of Countryside Mall

For fairness we tried a different location and though the staff was nice and pleasant, the place looked like a joint. Dark overaged colors, wallpaper opening on the seams, economy - underpowered lightbulbs and fixtures making the place look even less conducive to eating and they can take that new menu and make a jingle.   "2-4-6-8 makes me want to regurgitate"
See for the 44 complaints and a rating of 1.5 stars.

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. - A Denny’s employee didn’t want to talk to Local 10 News after roaches that were found in a recent state inspection forced the restaurant to be closed.  “Get that out of my face before I sue channel 10," the manager said.
The Denny's is located at 2671 North Federal Highway in Pompano Beach.

The manager called the Broward Sheriff’s Office after Local 10 News reporter Jeff Weinsier left the restaurant and reported from a public sidewalk. 

Meanwhile, the store was shut down recently after a state inspection found 12 violations.  The violations include live roaches at the cook line, under a cooler, by the manager's office and inside cabinets in the wait station.

There were more than 20 dead roaches in the same area. There were ants in the cook line. Rust was found in the ice machine.  Clean utensils and equipment were stored in a dirty drawer or rack, and eggs and butter were stored at unsafe temperatures. The inspector also noted that the floor was soiled with debris.
"I don't have a roach issue," the manager said. "...This chick right here don’t have roaches.”  The manager then blocked Weinsier from talking to customers and followed him when he and a cameraman moved to a parking lot adjacent to the business.  When deputies arrived, they asked Weinsier and a cameraman for identification in order to complete an incident report.  The Denny's was allowed to reopen following an ordered cleanup and re-inspection.

Dirty Dining: Repeatedly had live roaches and improper food temperatures

TAMPA - "We come a lot. We love Denny's. My kids love Denny's," said Queennae GXXXXXX, a repeat customer at the Denny's location on East Fowler Avenue in Tampa.  In fact, Queennae comes four or five times a month, especially for the freebies.  "They got the free kids meal on Tuesdays.  They eat free on Tuesdays! Stuff like that, so we bring them here,” Queennae said.  (Incredibly Great Mothering)

But Denny's meals, available 24/7, were prepared alongside roaches crawling around the cooks line, server station and front counter during two state inspections in June.   "That's all been taken care of," said Eddie Areizaga, who introduced himself as the new general manager.  Areizaga defended the restaurant but didn’t know much about the recent food safety issues or the state’s repeated warnings to clean up or didn’t want to know.

"They were repeat violations. You've had issues with roaches before?" asked ABC Action News anchor Wendy Ryan.   "I just started with the company about a week ago," he said.  But inspectors didn't just start finding problems now. Roaches were crawling in the kitchen last year, too. In July 2013, the state found live roaches inside a hole in the wall, on the cooks line and near the dish machine.

And over the past year and a half, dozens of repeat food temperature violations were discovered, including breakfast ingredients like eggs, pancake batter, cheese, ham, turkey and butter all stored in temperatures above 41 degrees, which could make customers sick.
"So you didn't know anything about the previous inspections either?" Ryan asked.
"No ma'am," Areizaga replied.
And even with 96 violations written up from January 2013 to June 2014, Areizaga feels confident now about the conditions inside his restaurant.
"So the kitchen is clean?" Ryan asked.
"Yeah," he responded.
The dedicated Denny's customer we met wasn't deterred after learning what inspectors found.
"Would you come back, Queennae?" Ryan asked.  "Yes, I would," she answered confidently.

Forrest Gump was right….. or was it Barnum...

"At Denny's, we are committed to providing a clean and safe environment for our guests. We are disappointed by the situation that took place at our Tampa location, and worked diligently with the Health Department and outside vendors to rectify the problem as soon as we were aware of it. 

We voluntarily closed the restaurant as a precautionary measure to ensure the issue was addressed appropriately and swiftly.  The restaurant has reopened and we have put measures in place to prevent a situation like this from happening again.”
Christopher Wicks
Director of Operations 

NOTE:  And obviously the Senior Bull Shit Writer for the firm.

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