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UPDATE 7-4-2015
10500 Ulmerton Rd
Largo Florida 33771 (Location)


I stated right at the bottom of this page the disappointment with BWW and  I would not eat at BWW for fear of dire consequence but low and behold,  my frequent food partner and taster won a gift certificate for dinner at BWW.  Oh sh*t.

So we took up on the prize offer, (no collusion it was an auction drawing) and being at the mall made it a no-brainer. “  Wan’t not, waste not”.

We were greeted promptly and seated very quickly since we made our minds up to beat the Friday night maddening crowds by getting there before 6:PM and finally our tourists had gone home for the season.  Finally, eating in peace, lots quieter and totally different from three previous experiences when the beer driven tourists scream and yell over football reruns.  Schmucks,  we know who won those games.

So the first thing I did was ask for the manager since we had a lousy time last three occasions  I explained what I had written about previously and agreed they have made stark improvements and he was proud of his team, you could tell, and thats  good management.  

Our server KAYLA was on top of everything, doing a great job and I found out her favorite word is Awesome...  We had the Mozzarella Sticks for an appetizer and ordered twenty wings  for a comparison of the last meal we had there.  He said he would check on it.

I got a chance to chat with the manager who was doing what managers should be doing.  Walking the tables and making small corrections as needed.  

Well this trip took this location up on the scale in comparison to previous encounters.  And we might be back when the tourists go home.   Big improvement and we learned some valuable lessons. But with the turnover in these places what do we see next.  We tried another location while on the road in Orlando and disappointment.  This is a corporate problem.  Never went back, bad again, never again.

•   Get there early especially on a weekend, before six and the sports - beer aficionados arrive
•   Avoid the tourist season on weekends
•   Not happy with the product - let the manager know


•  Not recommended for quiet adult dinning
•  Ok for sports hell raising
•  Not a good kids place during a game

My frequent flyer food taster and I decided to try Buffalo Wild Wings in three locations since it is a Corpo-Guano run operation.  That simply means all their stores do things the same way, “branding" it’s called.

We go to several locations when I do a chain to see if the quality controls are in place. Some franchise locations are better run than others and thats a manager benefit.  If different locations share the same problems it’s  a corporate management problem.

We went to their location in Sarasota, the older one in Palm Harbor and finally a newer one in Largo FL,  located 2.6 miles from my home which was even less fulfilling . This was over a two month period. This is the results of the store in Largo.  The store in Sarasota was mainly a generous two and a half, the one in Palm Harbor similar,  but all of their locations are not a place to dine comfortably, eat maybe, not dine.  The only thing all three stores had in common was noise, cheap food, and poor service.

The noise level is annoying, disturbing, ridiculous and encouraged.   Unless you are unfortunately hard of hearing or you love noise by screaming kids and occasionally some adults screaming and acting like kids.  Adding all the TV screens which are fatiguing, the service slow, and the food in two of the locations was sub-par and the last one was absolutely horrid but it was easily countered by the bad service.  Two wrongs make a bigger wrong.

One location doing poorly constitutes a management problem...no it was similar in all three, thats a bad corporate culture.  This is not a dinning establishment, this is a place (Sportsbarus Americanus) you go to, so when the boys want to scream, yell and drink and you are smart not to host it in your house,  it’s more fun when it’s not in your house.  Ersatz, the roaming Buffalos theory….stampede!

As part of my online search for the best wings in the Tampa Bay area,  I naturally had to include Buffalo Wild Wings on the list because of their name and promises of a world class act.   And my policy is if the location is a Franchise or Corpo-Guano, we’ll do several stores and with independents we’ll do the same location. We hit three of their stores and unfortunately ran into the same problems in all three.   So... “Give me a home where the Buffalo Roam and I’ll show you a house full of Sh*t”.

Wings are their theme, but I thought it was a bit pricey ( nice way for a critic to say “too frickin much”)  for chicken wings when you measured them against their taste 30 or so varieties, they brag about, and minutia sized  (A nice way for a critic to say (super small cheap wings)  which was nothing spectacular.  They were a low grade wing.

When you survey, looking for the best you develop a sense of what a good wing is and what a commercial grade B price per pound of imported frozen Chinese Chicken, Indonesia, Thailand or Europe is.  Theirs was the latter but like we say after the third beer, anything can taste good.  Go to Ker’s  (Recently sold, new owners promised not to change anything, the help verified it ) and the Hooters, and get what you pay for, better food and service.

This is a sports bar and wings are sports food, sort of a culinary Neanderthal, not quite Cro-Magnon touch to the noisy hooping and hollering male communion called “a Sports Bar”.  Basically quality food is superseded by the essential of a myriad of sauces and very cold beer.  Healthy?  No nothing in there is healthy, it’s sports food.  Lots of salt and deep frying, creates very few healthy choices on the menu here.

The salad was a prepackaged mix, commonly used by chains but some of whom made the salmonella list this year.  I don’t want bagged salad with dressings in packages hand shoveled onto a plate.

When we entered the newly opened establishment, located at the Largo Mall it was clean and had all the BWW Corpo decorations.  I asked for a table far from the bar realizing I couldn’t  even hear myself.   Shortly we were seated, as no one else was on line to get in.  Maybe five minutes. In Sarasota it took ten minutes to be acknowledged, another ten to get seated.  In Palm Harbor less time but it took longer to order because we had to scream over the noise.

Finally after ten minutes someone (aka the server) realized we were there.  A young typical college age server with the vocabulary of the times, "hey guys”, “ youz guys", and so forth.  We ordered 10 wings, half of them sweet Teriyaki  and half Parmesan cheese, with celery, blue cheese and two burgers for the entree. 

We only drink water, as my guest and I have been ordered by our doctors.  Soda is a drink compounded by three things that kill you, sugar, carbonic acid, and artificial  “God know what else they put in them”.    We ordered one of the burgers, a house special and one a relatively plain burger for my gal.  

We did not see our waitress nor the food for almost 35 minutes.  Neither did the other tables around us with four waitresses and they were not that busy at all. In fact one of the managers was busing the food out so something was not right.  The water never got refilled till we were leaving like an afterthought, tip time.  

The wings were small, either grade three or four.  Way too crispy and overcooked.  The saving grace was drowning them in the commercial blue cheese.  They tasted fried to death, dried to death, probably sat under the heat lights too long and shrunken is the best word.  We left two as basically inedible.  

The burgers were horrid, basically overcooked beyond the 165 fahrenheit, no pink at all, just shrunk and brown throughout. One of the worst burgers I had this year even giving Wendy’s competition for the worst.  And the tab was outrageous for the quality and service.  Three strikes, seeeeya!  This was not worth 32.00.  Service was poor. Food was horrible. Prices were high.

I am done with this franchise and I have sent off a few letters to their corporate office.  I will not go back, because she will kill me if I even suggest it.

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